President Jokowi Inaugurates Triawan Munaf as Head of Creative Economy Agency

By Humas     Date 27 Januari 2015
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President Jokowi watched Triawan Munaf signed the official report of inauguration as Head of Creative Economy, at the State Palace on Monday (26/1)

President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) on Monday (26/1) afternoon, at the State Palace, Jakarta, inaugurated a musician the former member of the Giant Step band, Triawan Munaf as Head of Creative Economy.

Triawan who is the father of singer Sherina Munaf was appointed as Head of the Creative Economy based on the Presidential Decree No. 9 P 2015. In the Presidential Decree mentioned, Head of Creative Economy obtain the rights of financial and other facilities on par with the minister.

As we know that Triawan Munaf is a member of the Giant Step band from Bandung. Once out of the group band, then Triawan switched professions to become an entrepreneur in advertising.

While the Creative Economy Agency is a new body set up by President Jokowi. Originally, the affairs of the creative economy to be part of the Ministry of Tourism, which was formerly known as the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy.

Munaf Triawan inauguration as Head of Creative Economy attended by professionals in the entertainment and creative, including Sherina Munaf, Dewi Lestari, and Addie MS.

Additionally, the inauguration ceremony was also attended by Chairman of the DPD-RI Irman Gusman, Pratikno Minister of State Secretary, Ministry of Communication and Informatics Rudiantara, Cabinet Secretary Andi Wijayanto and the Minister of Land and Spatial Ferry Mursyidan Baldan. (WID/Humas Setkab/ES)

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