President Jokowi Inspects Rice Harvest at C. Sulawesi

By Office of Assistant to Deputy Cabinet Secretary for State Documents & Translation     Date 27 Maret 2024
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President Jokowi at the inspection at Pandere village, Gumbasa district, Sigi regency, Central Sulawesi province, Wednesday (03/27). (Photo by: BPMI Presidential Secretariat/Rusman)

President Joko “Jokowi” Widodo Wednesday (03/27) inspected rice harvest in Pandere village, Gumbasa district, Sigi regency, Central Sulawesi province.

“Well, I want to see a large harvest in Sigi regency, Central Sulawesi. I noted the yields are good since it produced 6-6.2 ton of rice per hectare,” President Jokowi said after the inspection.

To increase agricultural efficiency and productivity in the area, the President underscored the importance of speeding up the post-harvest replanting process by utilizing cutting-edge technology.

“Minister of Agriculture encouraged (the farmers) to speed up the replanting process after the harvest. Please plow the land immediately using tractors or more advanced mechanization. That way, it can speed up the start of replanting,” President Jokowi added.

A local farmer Sampurno stated that with an area of 200 hectares of agricultural land in Pandere village, Sigi regency, one hectare land can produce 5-6 ton of rice per harvest period and there are thrice harvest in a year.

“We, as local farmers, count on attention from the Government, especially for fertilizer, seeds, and irrigation channels,” Sampurno said. (BPMI Presidential Secretariat/AIT) (GWH/MUR)

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