President Jokowi Inspects Rice Reserve at Bengkal Lor Logistics Warehouse in Temanggung

By Office of Assistant to Deputy Cabinet Secretary for State Documents & Translation     Date 22 Januari 2024
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President Joko Widodo inspected rice reserve at Bengkal Lor Logistics Warehouse, Temanggung Regency, Central Java Province, on Monday (22/01) (Photo: Bureau for Press and Media of Presidential Secretariat)

President Joko “Jokowi” Widodo Monday (22/01) inspected rice reserve at Bengkal Lor Logistics Warehouse in Temanggung regency, Central Java province.

During the inspection, the President held a dialog as well as provided food assistance of the Government Food Stock (CBP) to several beneficiaries.

His dialog with people emphasized that all beneficiaries of CBP food assistance received 10 kilograms of rice every month and those joined the dialog were the beneficiaries of additional assistance in January 2024.

“So, this is an additional assistance as we have provided the assistance in September, October, November, and December. The assistance will continue to be provided in January, February, March, April, May, and June. If the State Budget allows, the assistance will continue in the future,” the President confirmed.

During his working visit to Central Java Province, the President also handed over Smart Indonesia Program Assistance (KIP) in Magelang City.

He explained that KIP Assistance was provided for elementary school students of Rp450 thousand per annum, junior high school of Rp750 thousand per annum, and high/vocational school students of Rp1.8 million per annum.

The President also emphasized the importance of building qualified human resources to face recent global competition, adding that the number of KIP receivers in 2023 reached 18 million students and in 2024 the number of recipients would increase to 18.6 million students.

“Children must learn and study because recently tuition fees and school needs are covered by this Smart Indonesia Program. Future high/vocational school students can continue their studies to university by applying University KIP or LPDP for tuition fee”, the President explained.

Meanwhile, at Wonosobo Square, the President also handed over land certificates to the residents. He also ensured that the resident of Wonosobo, Purworejo, and Kebumen Regencies had received the certificates which were processed through the program of Complete Systematic Land Registration (PTSL).

Furthermore, the President explained that the certificate was legal evidence of the land owned by people. Therefore, he reminded the people to recheck data suitability such as name of owner and area written on the certificates.

He also reminded the people to be mindful if they wanted to apply for bank loans by collateralizing their certificates and if that’s the case, he encouraged the residents to use the bank loans for business or working capital.

“In this certificate, the land areas are written. Be mindful of wrong name and land areas. I just want to remind you all that you can collateralize your certificates to apply for bank loans but be mindful of calculation. Big or small loans are the same if you cannot pay the loans”, the President remarked. (FID/BPMI SETPRES/UN) (GA/EP)

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