President Jokowi Lauds Constitutional Court for Speeding Up Digital Court

By Office of Assistant to Deputy Cabinet Secretary for State Documents & Translation     Date 10 Februari 2022
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President Jokowi delivers remarks at the Special Plenary Session of the 2021 Constitutional Court Annual Report, Thursday (02/10). (Photo by: Presidential Secretariat/Lukas)

President Joko “Jokowi” Widodo lauded the Constitutional Court for speeding up transformation to digital court during the pandemic.

“Allow me to extend my highest appreciation to the Constitutional Court for using the pandemic as a momentum to speed up transformation, to adapt to the latest technology to adopt digital court,” the President said in his remarks at the Special Plenary Session of the 2021 Constitutional Court Annual Report, Thursday (02/10).

President Jokowi expressed belief that transformation will lead to a leap of progress of the institution and affirm its position as the guardian of constitution.

“I clearly can see the spirit of providing better services for the public, providing better access for justice seekers, ensuring that law enforcement and human interest is upheld,” he said.

He went on to say that the Government during the pandemic has been facing challenges in constitutional practices. The Government must take extraordinary measures and actions by prioritizing the safety of the people.

“I would like to reiterate that those extraordinary measures to curb the pandemic are taken by the Government with vigilance and thorough consideration so that all steps taken are still under the law and constitution,” he stated.

In addition, the Government ensured all regulations and policies made by the Government have been well considered based on factual, objective, and measurable reasons. Those measures are taken to resolve the crisis and save the people from COVID-19 pandemic.

“The thought to make the pandemic as a reason for the Government to take unconstitutional actions and violate procedures and the values of democracy has never crossed our mind,” he said.

According to the President, he understands that the Constitutional Court and the Government are not always sharing the same view. However, the Government will respect and carry out ruling of the Constitutional Court as mandated by the 1945 Constitution.

On that occasion, the President expressed hope that the Constitutional Court can make rulings that manifest legal certainty, justice, and benefits for the people and nation.

“Legal certainty and justice are not enough, the decision must also bring benefit for the life of the state and nation, to make the best contribution for the sake of people’s welfare and the advancement of the state, Indonesia,” he remarked. (TGH/UN) (RAS/MMB)

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