President Jokowi Launches Yogyakarta-Solo Train, Urges Eco-Friendly Transportation Use

By Office of Assistant to Deputy Cabinet Secretary for State Documents & Translation     Date 1 Maret 2021
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President Jokowi trying out Yogyakarta-Solo electric train, Monday (01/03/2021). (Photo: Press Bureau of Presidential Secretariat/Muchlis Jr)

President Joko “Jokowi” Widodo on Monday (01/03/2021) at Tugu Station in the city of Yogyakarta, Special Region of Yogyakarta inaugurated the operation of Yogyakarta-Solo electric train.

On that occasion, the President expressed hope that the operation of the electric train can boost the mobility of the people as well as goods, so tourism sector and the people’s economy can improve.

“Thank God, this morning we will immediately inaugurate and operate Yogyakarta-Solo electric train. We hope it can help both the mobility of people and goods from Yogyakarta to Solo, Solo to Yogyakarta, and also help improve our tourism and economy,” he said.

The Head of State underscored that this transportation mode is an eco-friendly mass transportation, adding that transportation in the future should use environmentally-friendly technology.

“I think the future transportation modes in our country should be environmentally-friendly mass transportation. Also, vehicles in the future should be environmentally friendly, using electricity,” he stated.

The President added that the electric train is not only eco-friendly, but also 10 minutes faster than the Prambanan Ekspres train that used to operate with the same route.

The operation of the electric train can also reduce operational costs by 50 percent per passenger per kilometer, he said.

“This is an excellent efficiency and the most important thing is that this electric train is environmentally friendly,” said the President.

After delivering his speech, President Jokowi pressed the siren button as a sign that the Yogyakarta-Solo electric train operation has been inaugurated.

Prior to the inauguration, the President received explanation about the technical operation of the train from President Director of state-owned railway company PT KAI Didiek Hartantyo.

The President also tried out the simulation to enter the train platform by using an electronic ticket that will be used by the passengers.

After the inauguration, the President and his entourage tried out the electric train operation.

Joining the President during the visit were Minister of State Secretary Pratikno, Minister of Transportation Budi Karya Sumadi, Governor of Special Region of Yogyakarta Sri Sultan Hamengkubuwono X, and Governor of Central Java Ganjar Pranowo. (TGH/UN) (DH/EP)

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