President Jokowi Orders Health-Based Measures to Improve Air Quality

By Office of Assistant to Deputy Cabinet Secretary for State Documents & Translation     Date 28 Agustus 2023
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President Jokowi Monday (08/28) leads a limited meeting on efforts to improve air quality in Greater Jakarta, at the Merdeka Palace, Jakarta. (Photo by: PR/Agung)

President Joko “Jokowi” Widodo has called on his administration to make health-based efforts to improve air quality in Greater Jakarta.

“All ministries/institutions have been ordered to take firm steps, in policies, in measures and in field operations. This means that in the case of Ministry of the Environment and Forestry, it is related to law enforcement against sources of pollution, especially from industries, power plants, etc. as well as strict testing of vehicle emissions,” Minister of the Environment and Forestry Siti Nurbaya Bakar said at Presidential Office, Jakarta, Monday (08/28) after a limited meeting.

Siti also said that several sources contribute to the decline in air quality in Greater Jakarta, including motorized vehicles (44 percent), steam power plants (34 percent), households, combustion, and others.

The Minister also said that her Ministry has inspected around 351 industries, including power plants and diesel power plants, and managed to identify 161 sources of pollution that will be investigated at six air quality monitoring stations.

“So, for example, in areas that are always consistently unhealthy such as in Sumur Batu and Bantar Gebang, there are approximately 120 business units. Then, around Lubang Buaya, there are 10. In Tangerang, there are 7. Then, in South Tangerang, there are 15 entities. In Bogor, there are 10. What was implemented until the 24th  we have imposed administrative sanctions on 11 entities. We will continue these steps for the next four to five weeks,” she said.

In addition to monitoring and enforcing the law on pollution sources and vehicle emission tests, the Minister said that the Government is also conducting weather modification techniques (TMC), one of which carried out on Sunday (08/27).

According to her, after the TMC in Bogor, the Air Pollution Standard Index (ISPU) showed an improvement in air quality.

In addition, the Government has also carried out micro TMC trials using mist generators at the Pertamina Building, Merdeka Timur Street, as well as using mobile methods in the areas of Gelora Bung Karno (GBK) – Gerbang Pemuda – Asia Afrika – Sudirman Thamrin, Jakarta.

“There are also water curtains that need to be installed on the terraces of large buildings facing public spaces,” Siti said, adding that the water curtains will positively affect the air.

Another effort undertaken by the Government is to promote tree planting to all elements of society, she added.

In the meantime, Acting Governor of Jakarta Heru Budi Hartono stated that his office is ready to support policies to improve air quality in Greater Jakarta such as by spraying water mist from the top floor of the building to reduce pollution.

In addition, Heru said, the Jakarta Provincial Government will also accelerate transition to electric vehicles, one of which by implementing the policy on the Transjakarta buses. (TGH/FID/UN) (FI/EP)

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