President Jokowi Presents Land Certificate to Mola People

By Office of Assistant to Deputy Cabinet Secretary for State Documents & Translation     Date 9 Juni 2022
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President Jokowi presents Land Certifcates to the people of Mola Village, Wakatobi, (06/09). (Photo: Bureau of Press, Media, and Information of Presidential Secretariat/Muchlis Jr)

President Joko “Jokowi” Widodo Thursday (06/09) presented land certificates to the people in Mola village, Wakatobi regency, South East Sulawesi province.

“Keep the certificates safe. Do not lose it,” President Jokowi said when presenting the certificates to some representatives before having a dialog with the local people.

On the way to Mola village to present the certificates, President Jokowi and Ibu Iriana Jokowi headed to the location by an open jeep, and not long before arriving at the location, they both continued the trip by riding a white electric motorcycle.

President Jokowi and the First Lady also passed through the wooden platform above the sea surface to Mola village. The wooden platform that they went through was not wide protected with barriers on the left and the right sides, and only one motorcycle can pass through it. President Jokowi and Ibu Iriana rode the motorcycle for about 1.5 kilometer to the venue.

Mola village is located at Wangiwangi island — or the local people call it Wanci — in Wakatobi regency, and is a village where Bajo ethnic live. The floating village is situated around 28 kilometers from Matahora Airport.

Along the way to the village, President Jokowi greeted the local people. They enthusiastically welcomed the Head of State and Ibu Iriana coming to their village.

Long before, President Jokowi and Ibu Iriana have also ridden a similar electrical motorcycle during a working visit to Asmat regency in Papua province in April 2018. At that time, President Jokowi and Ibu Iriana rode the motorcycle from the place where presidential helicopter Super Puma landed on Ewer Sea Port, on the bank of Aswet River, Agats, to Kayeh Village. They rode for about 6-7 kilometer. (Bureau of Press, Media, and Information of Presidential Secretariat/UN)(AW/EP)

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