President Jokowi Promotes Moderation, Peace & Tolerance Narrations in US-ASEAN Summit

By Humas     Date 17 Februari 2016
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Photo Caption: President Jokowi led counter-terrorism discussion of the US-ASEAN Summit, in California, the United States

President Jokowi led counter-terrorism discussion of the US-ASEAN Summit, in California, the United States

On the session of counter-terrorism discussion at the 2nd retreat of the US-ASEAN Summit, in Sunnylands, President Joko “Jokowi” Widodo expressed his appreciation for the sympathy and attention from the member countries of ASEAN and the US to the terror attack that occurred in Jakarta, on 14 January 2016.

“I am also proud of the Indonesian national security forces. They were able to control the situation and brought Jakarta back to normal in a short time. However, we must be aware of the terror threat,” the President said.

Related to the assault, President Jokowi reminded all the importance of partnership to promote tolerance, erradicate terrorism and extremism, as well as to solve the core problem and create conducive atmosphere.

According to the President, it needs a combination of hard power and soft power approaches to fight against extremism.

In hard power approach, Indonesia is currently reviewing the Law on Terrorism in order to strengthen the legal basis to face terrorism.

“Legislation strengthening is indeed conducted by considering the dignity of human rights,” the President said.

Therefore, soft power approach is also strengthened by carrying out religious and cultural approaches, and involves participation from the people, as well as mass and religious organizations.

Diversification on de-radicalization and counter-radicalization approaches are also conducted through a rehabilitation program for terrorist prisoners and transitition program for prisoners when returning to their communities.

Meanwhile, regarding Foreign Terrorist Fighters (FTF), President Jokowi said that nearly all countries experience the same problems, since some of their people join it. As many as 329 Indonesian Citizens (WNI) join FTF in Syria. Comparing to the total population of Indonesia which is 252 million people, this amount is relatively small.

It is because Indonesia has a repressive Government, not under occupation, and has a relatively stable political condition.

“The lessons that can be drawn from this situation is that to fight against terrorism and to eliminate FTF needs political stability, democratic government, and the status of not being under occupation of any country,” President Jokowi said.

To the US-ASEAN Summit participants, President Jokowi suggested all to use social media to fight against extremists and terrorists. It is based on the fact that extremism and the call to join FTF are mainly spreading through social media.

“I call on Your Excellencies to join me to increase the narratives through social media about moderation, tolerance, and peace,” President Jokowi urged the leaders of the US-ASEAN Summit participating countries.  (TKP/SLN/UN/EN) (RAS/MMB/YM/Naster)

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