President Jokowi Receives Ternate Sultanate Traditional Title

By Office of Assistant to Deputy Cabinet Secretary for State Documents & Translation     Date 28 September 2022
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President Jokowi receives an honorary title from the Ternate Sultanatein Ternate city, North Maluku province (09/28). (Photo by: BPMI of Presidential Secretariat/Rusman)

During his working visit to North Maluku province, President Joko “Jokowi” Widodo Wednesday (09/28) received Ternate Sultanate traditional honorary title at Ternate Sultanate Palace in Ternate city.

“This morning, I received an honorary title from Sultan Hidayatullah Sjah of the Ternate Sultanate with the title of Dada Ma Dopo Malomo,” the President said after the awarding ceremony.

On that occasion, the President also expressed appreciation to the Ternate Sultanate for maintaining and fostering local customs, traditions, and local wisdom.

“I praise the Ternate Sultanate’s efforts to maintain and foster customs, traditions, and local wisdom. This is what I often say about having a cultural identity,” he said.

The President also expressed views that customs, traditions, and local wisdom that exist throughout the archipelago are critical to be maintained since Indonesia is a large country full of local wisdom and rich in various customs and traditions.

“We must continue to maintain our diversity as a strength. The difference should not divide us, but unite us instead,” he said.

In the meantime, the 49th Sultan of Ternate Sultan Hidayatullah Sjah said that the title of Dada Ma Dopo Malomo means a great leader of a big country.

“In leading a big country, the wisdom of a leader is more prioritized,” said the Sultan.

Prior to receiving the traditional title, he added, the President has also been crowned the Prince of the Ternate Sultanate with the title of Kaicil.

Kaicil means a prince or the first line of the Ternate Sultanate,” he said. (MAY/UN) (RIF/EP)

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