President Jokowi Sends School Supplies for Elementary Students in Bengkayang

By Office of Assistant to Deputy Cabinet Secretary for State Documents & Translation
Date 12 April 2017
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President Joko ‘Jokowi’ Widodo responded to a video of elementary school students in Bengkayang Regency, West

Students of an Elementary School who get assisstance from the President

Students of an Elementary School who get assisstance from the President

Kalimantan Province, that went viral on social media. On that video, there are four students asking for a school bag to President Jokowi.The President then immediately sent the requested bag through his Personal Secretary. The assigned team departed last Thursday (6/4).

“The President has watched the video and immediately ordered his Personal Secretary to send the assisstance,” said Presidential Spokeperson JohanBudi, on Wednesday (5/4).

The assigned team brought a number of assisstance packages for the students. Besides the requested school bag, the President also gave other school supplies for each student consisting of 10 notebooks, a pen, a pencil, an eraser, a ruler, a sharpener, a drawing book, a pack of crayons, a pencil case, a water bottle, a lunch box, a pair of sandals, and a set of school uniform.

These school supplies were not only given to the four students but also to other students in Bengkayang Regency. There were 135 packages that have been prepared for elementary students in SDN 04 Sungkung, 148 packages for students in SDN 11 Senebeh, 168 packages for students in SDN 10 Medeng, and 151 packages for students in SDN 09 Senoleng.

For each school, the President gave a package consisting of four sets of the picture of the President and Vice President, two red and white flags, books for test preparation, 10 boxes of chalk, two erasers for blackboard, two atlases, two world maps, and 100 clipboards.

These assisstances were distributed simultaneously on Monday (10/4), at 09.00 a.m. Western Indonesia Time. The packages for SDN 04 Sungkung were received by the Headmaster Baring Susanto, for SDN 09 Senoleng received by the Headmaster Kasianus, for SDN 10 Medeng received by a Class Teacher Musa, and for SDN 11 Senebeh received by a Class Teacher Gabriel.

For the record, President Jokowi is one of country leaders who is quite active on social media. Being active on social media is one way of the President to directly communicate with his people.

It is through social media the President could get information about the people’s problems and respond to them as he did after watching the video of the elementary studentsin Bengkayang. (BPMI Setpres/ES)(MMB/YM/Naster)

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