President Jokowi Signed President Regulation on Dispatch of the Peacekeeping Mission

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Date 24 Agustus 2015
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President Jokowi Signed President Regulation on Dispatch of the Peacekeeping Mission

In consideration for the establishment of world order based on freedom, lasting peace and social justice, the Government of the Republic of Indonesia deems it necessary to participate in a peacekeeping mission that is part of politics.

To increase the participation of the government in maintaining peace mission, President Joko Widodo on July 3, 2015 ago, has signed Presidential Regulation No. 86 Year 2015 on Dispatch of the Peacekeeping Mission.

In Presidential Regulation is confirmed the dispatch of the peacekeeping missions undertaken by the Government of the Republic of Indonesia on request: a. United Nations (UN) through the UN Security Council Resolution; b. International organizations; and/or c. Regional organizations.

“Dispatch of the peacekeeping missions carried out in accordance with the qualifications and standards of the United Nations, international organizations or regional organizations,” reads Article 3 of the regulation.

In President Regulation is confirmed, the dispatch of the peacekeeping missions carried out with due regard to: a. National interest; b. Political considerations; c. The basic principle of the UN peacekeeping operations, which include the approval of the conflicting parties, impartiality, and without the use of force except in self-defense and to maintain the mandate; d. Security and safety of personnel; and Availability of support personnel, material, equipment and funding.

Funding needed for peacekeeping missions charged to: a. State Budget (APBN); and B. United Nations (UN).

Funding from the state budget is charged at the ministerial or related institutions to finance: a. Preparation of personnel; b. Procurement and / or the purchase of equipment and supplies personnel; c. Capacity building and improved technical specifications of equipment supplies personnel; and d. The withdrawal of personnel from the UN peacekeeping mission.

While the funding, which is charged by the United Nations to finance: a. Delivery of personnel and equipment; b. Operasional; c. Care personnel; d. Maintenance of equipment; e. Repatriation of personnel and equipment; and f. Addition or reinforcement of personnel and equipment in missions that are running.

“In terms of financing charged to United Nations is not yet available, can be met in advance from the state budget (APBN), which must be returned with deposited into the state treasury at least 30 (thirty) days after the payment is made by the United Nations at the end of a peace mission,” reads Article 10 paragraph (2 , 3) the regulation.

The President Regulation comes into force on the date of promulgation, in July 24, 2015 by the Minister of Law and Human Yasonna H. Laoly. . (Pusdatin/ES)

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