President Jokowi Signed Presidential Regulation Remote Indigenous Community Empowerment

By Humas     Date 20 Januari 2015
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President Jokowi Signed Presidential Regulation Remote Indigenous Community Empowerment

In order to implement the provisions of Article 23 paragraph (3) of Government Regulation No. 39 Year 2012 on the Implementation of Social Welfare, President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) on December 23, 2014, has signed a Presidential Decree No. 186 of 2014 on Social Empowerment To the Remote Indigenous Communities.

“Social Empowerment is all the efforts that directed to make citizens who have social problems have the ability, so that they can meet their basic needs,” according to Article 1 (1) of the regulation.

While the basic needs is meant food, clothing, housing, health, education, work and/or social services.

According to this regulation, the empowerment of the Remote Indigenous Communities (KAT) aims to achieve: a. Protection of the rights of citizens; b. Fulfillment of basic needs; c. KAT integrity with the wider social system; and d. Independence as citizens.

As for KAT criteria include: a. Limited access to basic social services; b. Closed, homogeneous, and livelihoods depend on natural resources; c. Marginal in a rural and urban areas; and / or d. Living in states border areas, coastal areas, the outer islands, and secluded.


Presidential Decree No. 186 of 2014 is confirmed, Social Empowerment of KAT implemented in the areas of: a. settlement; b. Administration of population; c. Religious life; d. Health; e. Education; f. Food security; g. Provision of access to job opportunity; h. Provision of access to land; i. social advocacy; j. Social services; and / or k. Environment.

As for the stages that conducted in the Social Empowerment, include a. Preparation of empowerment; b. Implementation of empowerment; c. Reference; and d. Termination.

While the  Social Empowerment activity of KAT be implemented in the form of: a. Diagnosis and Motivation; b. Skills Training; c. Mentoring; d. Giving the Capital Stimulants, Business Equipment, and Business Place; e. Improved market access of products; f. Supervision, and Social Advocacy; g. Strengthening Social Harmony; h. Structuring the Social Environment; and / or i. Further Guidance.

This regulation also ordered the Minister of Social Affairs, the Governor, or the Regent/Mayor to create a forum for coordination of Social Empowerment of KAT, which is the non-structural and non-hierarchical institution.

Sources of funding in Social Empowerment of KAT, according to this Presidential Regulation, including: a. State budget; b. Budget and Expenditure: and c. Other funding sources are legitimate and are not binding appropriate with the provisions of legislation.

“Presidential Regulation comes into force on the date of enactment,” the wording of Article 28 of the Presidential Regulation. This regulation was enacted on 24 December 2014. ¬†(Pusdatin/ES)

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