President Jokowi Tells Relevant Stakeholders to be Well Prepared Ahead of Christmas, New Year

By Office of Assistant to Deputy Cabinet Secretary for State Documents & Translation     Date 22 November 2021
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President Jokowi, Vice President Ma’ruf Amin, Minister of State Secretary Pratikno, and Cabinet Secretary Pramono Anung attend Limited Cabinet Meeting on Monday (11/22) at Presidential Office, Jakarta. (Photo by: PR of Cabinet Secretariat/Rahmat)

President Joko “Jokowi” Widodo has ordered all relevant stakeholders to take anticipatory measures to prevent COVID-19 transmission during the upcoming Christmas and New Year holidays.

“As the Christmas and New Year holiday season approaches, we have learned that the cases of COVID-19 in Europe are increasing,” the President said at the Limited Cabinet Meeting on Monday (22/11).

On that occasion, the President ordered all ministries and institutions to share the same commitment in tackling COVID-19 pandemic.

“I order all ministries and institutions to share the same commitment to maintain situation in December 2021. Once again, we must share the same commitment and avoid prioritizing sectoral interest. We must prioritize cooperation and coordination to ensure that we share the same commitment,” he said.

The President also said that the kick off for the Sherpa Meeting at the G20 Summit will be held in Jakarta and the kick off for the Finance Track event will be held in Bali in early December, so that Indonesia will be in the global spotlight.

President Jokowi also underscored the importance of assistance from the COVID-19 Task Force to assist all delegation upon their arrival at the airport, at the hotel, and at the venues.

The President also ordered the relevant stakeholders to disseminate the plan for implementing Level 3 activity restrictions (PPKM) across Indonesia during Christmas and New Year holidays.

“The dissemination must include the information on the latest development of cases and the increasing number of cases in Europe. This is very important as a background for the decisions we will take,” the President said.

The President ordered regional heads to continue to maintain balanced policy in an effort to control the pandemic and recover the economy.

“I order Governors, Regents and Mayors to make balanced policies so that we can maintain the momentum for positive growth. We know that in the second quarter (our economy) grew by 7.07 percent, in the third quarter it grew by 3.51 percent, and we expect that in the fourth quarter the growth will be better than that of the third quarter,” the President said.

The President also ordered Minister of Health to take anticipatory measures to ensure hospital readiness in the event of a spike in number of patients during late December (this year) and early January 2022.

“Finally, regarding vaccination, we must achieve the existing target of 70 percent at the end of the year. I urged all stakeholders to be proactive in reaching out to communities and I order the Indonesian National Defense Forces (TNI) and the Indonesian National Police (Polri) to back the measures up, especially in vaccination drive for the elderly,” the President remarked. (DND/SLN/UN) (RI/LW)

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