President Jokowi: TNI Anniversary is Celebrated by All Indonesian People

By Office of Assistant to Deputy Cabinet Secretary for State Documents & Translation     Date 5 Oktober 2020
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President Jokowi leads the 75th Anniversary Ceremony for the Indonesian National Defense Forces (TNI), at the State Palace, Jakarta. (Photo by: Public Relations/Agung)

President Joko “Jokowi” Widodo acted as the ceremony inspector during the 75th Anniversary Commemoration Ceremony for the Indonesian National Defense Forces (TNI) at the State Palace, Jakarta, Monday (5/10).

“On behalf of the people, the nation, and the state I wish to congratulate the Indonesian National Defense Forces for its 75th Anniversary. The anniversary is not only celebrated by members and extended families of the TNI wherever they are but also by all Indonesian people,” the President said at the ceremony bearing the theme “Synergy for the Country.”

The President stated that the TNI has continuously shown its roles in safeguarding the country’s sovereignty, maintaining the territorial integrity of the Republic of Indonesia based on the Pancasila ideology and the 1945 Constitution, and protecting the entire nation and homeland from threats and interferences.

“The contribution of the TNI to the nation and state is not only through the OMP (Military Operations for War) but also through the OMSP (Military Operations Apart from War). The TNI readily helps people who are facing natural disasters, including in dealing with the current COVID-19 pandemic,” the President said, appreciating the role of the TNI.

During the ceremony, the President also presented badge of honors to three outstanding TNI soldiers, namely Infantry Colonel Sri Widodo (Bintang Kartika Eka Paksi Nararya), Marine Captain Suryo Hadil Umam (Bintang Jalasena Nararya), and Assistant First Lieutenant Sobirin (Bintang Swa Bhuwana Paksa Nararya).

The President also expressed his highest appreciation to extended families and institutions as well as TNI soldiers who were on duty, be it in the remote areas, border areas, the frontier islands, as well as abroad as peacekeeping troops. His appreciation is also given to retired officers and TNI soldiers who are always devoted to the advancement of the country in an ever-changing world.

In particular, the President also appreciated TNI soldiers who were always at the forefront of humanitarian missions and for the TNI’s active role in handling the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, both in disciplining the implementation of health protocols and in handling healthcare at TNI hospitals.

“Continue to improve skills, professionalism, and readiness to accept further assignments. Uphold the mandate of Sapta Marga and the Soldier’s Oath. Continue to maintain the unity of the TNI with the people. Use synergy as the strength to build the country, bring Indonesia to become a developed country,” the President instructed the TNI soldiers. (MAY/UN)



Translated by: Fairuzzamani Inayatillah
Reviewed by: Lulu Wuliarti

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