President Jokowi to Strengthen Internal Control System

By Office of Assistant to Deputy Cabinet Secretary for State Documents & Translation     Date 5 Oktober 2016
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Chairman of the Supreme Audit Agency (BPK) Harry Azhar Azis submits financial audit report to President Jokowi on Wednesday (5/10), at the Merdeka Palace, Jakarta

Chairman of the Supreme Audit Agency (BPK) Harry Azhar Azis submits financial audit report to President Jokowi on Wednesday (5/10), at the Merdeka Palace, Jakarta

Supreme Audit Agency (BPK) submitted the 2015 financial audit report of the Central Government on Wednesday (5/10), at the Merdeka Palace, Jakarta.

On a press statement, Chairman of the Supreme Audit Agency (BPK) Harry Azhar Azis said that according to the provisions of the law, BPK submits the Overview of Semester I Examination Results (IHPS) 2016 to President Joko ‘Jokowi’ Widodo.

The IHPS is a summary of  696 Examination Results, in which 116 results sourced from the Central Government, 551 results sourced from regional governments, and 29 results sourced from state-owned enterprises and other institutions.

Examination Results of the Central Government covers National Procurement Agency (LKPP) and 85 Financial Reports of Ministries/Institutions. In 2015, the BPK gave LKPP “qualified opinion” rating.

Furthermore, Harry Azhar Azis said that the result of the Central Government in 2015 decreased to 65 percent from the previous 71 percent in 2014. “However, Ministries/Institutions received “disclaimer opinion” rating also went down from 7 to 4 Ministries/Institutions, while “qualified opinion” rating increased,” the Chairman said on Wednesday (5/10), at the Presidential Office, Jakarta.

In 2015 Financial Reports of Ministries/Institutions, 55 government institutions or around 65 percent received “unqualified opinion” rating,  26 received “qualified opinion” rating or 30 percent, and 4 received “disclaimer opinion” rating or 5 percent.

Meanwhile, the results are reversed on the regional governments. Out of 553 Financial Reports of Regional Governments, the BPK gave 312 “unqualified opinion” rating, 187 “qualified opinion” rating, and 4 disclaimer opinion” rating.

“Based on our examination during the first semester of 2016, there are 10,198 findings and 15,568 issues.”

Out of 15,568 issues, according to the BPK, 49 percent (7,661 issues) are caused by the lack in Internal Control System, 51 percent (7.907 issues) worth Rp44.68 trillion are caused by poor adherence to the provisions of the law which 60 percent of them or 4.762 issues are financial issues worth Rp30.62 trillion. According to Harry Azhar Azis, if the Government can take the potential losses, it will reduce Rp27.03 trillion worth State Budget (APBN) deficit.

The general examination concluded that the implementation is not effective since the BPK found 70 findings that contain 81 issues consisting 76 ineffectiveness issues worth Rp36.21 billion and 5 loss issues worth Rp7.47 billion.

The issues affecting financial sector consists of 66 percent  issues resulting in state losses worth Rp1.92 trillion, 9 percent issues resulting potential state losses worth Rp1.67 trillion, and 25 percent issues resulting deficit in state revenue worth Rp27.03 trillion.

Around 61 percent of the BPK findings have been followed up according to the recommendations, while 26.5 percent of them are still on process. During 2003 to first semester of 2016, the BPK have submitted 231 letters of examination results indicating 446 criminal elements findings worth Rp44.62 trillion to the related institutions, The Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK), Indonesian National Police, and Attorney General Office have followed up 420 out of 446 findings that worth Rp42.237 trillion.

“We told the President about this matter, and the President said that he will strengthen Internal Control System. The Government, both Ministries/Institutions or regional governments, will also really consider the recommendations of the BPK to be completed each year,” Harry Azhar Azis added.

According to Harry, President Jokowi also responded to the problem of public broadcasting television network  or TVRI which received disclaimer rating during the past 4 years as well as the issue of cost recovery. He will discuss the cost recovery issue with the Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources (ESDM), particularly the unwanted cost that the Government has to pay.

“The President responded specifically to TVRI matter which received disclaimer rating during the past 4 years and resulting potential state losses worth around Rp400 billion. Related ministry will probably be assigned to solve that problem,” Harry Azhar said.

Moreover, the BPK also asked the President to support the amendment of  Law Number 15 of 2006 on Supreme Audit Agency (BPK), to strengthen the audit on state loss.

“The President said that the draft of the law is submitted to Coordinating Ministry of Political, Legal, and Security Affairs, and will be returned to the President and passed to the House of Representatives. The President also ensured that the Government, both Central Government or regional governments will follow it up,” Harry Azhar stated.

To conclude his report, Harry Azhar invited President Jokowi to open an international court of the Supreme Audit Agency on 25 October 2016 in Jakarta.

Cabinet Sectretary Pramono Anung and Minister of State Secretary Pratikno also accompanied President Jokowi in the event. (FID/EN) (RAS/MMB/YM/Naster)

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