President Jokowi Unveils Three Issues Towards Golden Indonesia 2045

By Office of Assistant to Deputy Cabinet Secretary for State Documents & Translation     Date 15 Juni 2023
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President Jokowi launches National Long Term Development Plan (RPJPN) 2025-2045, at Djakarta Theater, Jakarta, Thursday (06/15). (Photo by: Jay/PR)

According to President Joko “Jokowi” Widodo, there are at least three main things that will become a reference for achieving the vision of Golden Indonesia 2045.

He made the statement when launching the 2025-2045 National Long-Term Development Plan (RPJPN), Thursday (06/15), at the Djakarta Theater, Jakarta.

First, the stability of the nation and state. “The stability of this nation must be maintained. Not a single country has succeeded in achieving prosperity when conditions are not stable,” said the President.

Second, sustainability and continuity in leading the country. The President said, leadership in a nation is like a relay race that must be done continuously, not start from zero each time the leader changes.

“Leadership is like a relay race, not a gas station meter. The gas station meter is always ‘start from zero’. Do we want it like that? Nope. If you have attended kindergarten, elementary school, middle school, the next step is high school, bachelor’s degree, then master’s degree and PhD. It should be like that. Don’t go back and forth,” he said.

Apart from that, President Jokowi also underlined the importance of downstreaming the industry, which could advance Indonesia if successful.

“If the downstream is successful, we will leap forward to build, for example, mineral downstream or an EV battery ecosystem. In the past, what we exported was only raw, nickel was only exported raw. It should be in the form of cathode, precursor, or lithium battery,” he said, adding that it is also important to carry out an Indonesia-centric development, namely the development of the Nusantara Capital City, which is expected to be able to spread the Indonesian economy evenly.

The President explained that 56 percent of Indonesia’s population is in Java island and 58 percent of Indonesia’s gross domestic product (GDP) is also in Java island.

“Therefore, the burden must be reduced, equity must be done. Not in a year, two years, three years, four years, five years to come, but we have to see far beyond that. Therefore, downstreaming and Nusantara Capital project must be strengthened, must be continued, must be increased,” he said.

Third, human resources, which is the great strength of our country.

“This is our great strength, don’t just be superior in number but also in quality, both physically, skills, and characters. This is what we have to fix completely, including mastery of science and technology,” he remarked. (DND/UN) (EST/MUR)

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