President Jokowi Urges Farmers to Start Planting Rice as Rainy Season Begins

By Office of Assistant to Deputy Cabinet Secretary for State Documents & Translation     Date 3 Januari 2024
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Press statement of President of the Republic of Indonesia after Rice Planting at Banyumas regency, Central Java province, Wednesday (01/03).

As the rainy season starts in January, President Joko “Jokowi” Widodo urged the farmers to immediately plant rice in a bid to increase production.

“I want to ensure that at the beginning of January we already start planting rice because the rainy season has begun, meaning that the water is sufficient,” said the President during rice planting in Kalibogor district, Banyumas regency, Central Java province, Wednesday (03/01).

“In December we planted 1.4 million [hectares], in January 1.7 million hectares, then in February 1.4 million hectares. We hope that there will be an increase in our rice production during the upcoming harvest period in March-April,” the President added.

He went on to say that farmers’ complaints are always related to fertilizer. However, he continued, the farmers can no longer use a Farmer’s Card to purchase fertilizer; they can use resident identity card (KTP) instead.

According to him, the Government had prepared Indonesian fertilizer for the harvest period. It is hoped that it would meet the farmers’ needs.

“The Government has prepared 1.7 million tons of fertilizer from Indonesian fertilizer for this harvest period. I think that is sufficient and we hope that there will be no more complaints about fertilizer,” said President Jokowi.

He has also asked Minister of Public Works and Public Housing for fertilizer subsidies and Minister of Finance for additional funds.

“I have asked Minister of Agriculture and Minister of Finance for fertilizer subsidies amounting to approximately Rp14 trillion,” explained Jokowi, adding that to make Central Java province regain 2nd place as a rice producer, fertilizer must be ready and rice must be planted immediately this year.

“If the target can be increased again, it means that there are also complaints regarding fertilizer, irrigation system, or the high sediment. Minister of Public Works and Public Housing will work on the dam as soon as possible,” said the President.

Apart from that, for sellers who resell fertilizer subsidies at double price, this issue will be checked, monitored and controlled. (SYT/KS) (EST/MUR)

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