President Jokowi Urges Trade Sector to Greatly Contribute to Economic Recovery

By Office of Assistant to Deputy Cabinet Secretary for State Documents & Translation     Date 4 Maret 2021
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President Jokowi opens the 2021 Trade Ministry’s National Working Meeting, at the State Palace, Jakarta, Thursday (4/3). (Photo by: Public Relations of Cabinet Secretariat/Teguh)

President Joko “Jokowi” Widodo said that currently the Government is working hard to address the impact of COVID-19 Pandemic. Therefore, the trade policies developed should have a significant impact on the national economic recovery (PEN).

“I urge trade policies formulated to make a great contribution to the strategic agenda of our national economic recovery. We all have to work hard to accelerate economy recovery,” the President said during the Opening of the 2021 Trade Ministry’s National Working Meeting, at the State Palace, Jakarta, Thursday (4/3).

The President also called for policies that could improve the economic sector which has been disrupted by the crises.

“We have to work in a more detailed manner, which sectors are disrupted and what we’ll do about it, whether we provide them an incentive or a stimulus,” he said.

The policies developed are expected to trigger a significant increase in investment, which is the key to economic growth.

“As well as to create as many job opportunities as possible. This is what the public has been waiting for since there are currently around 10 million unemployed people in the country, be it caused by the pandemic and the new workforce,” he added.

Furthermore, the President emphasized that trade policies must ensure the availability of basic necessities at affordable prices for the community.

At the end of his remarks, the President expressed his belief that 2021 is the year of recovery and that the economic growth target of 5 percent can be achieved.

On that occasion, the President also said that Indonesia’s foreign trade performance in 2020 recorded a positive growth amid the pandemic with a surplus of US$ 21.7 billion.

To that end, all ranks of Ministry of Trade were invited to remain optimistic and continue to make breakthroughs in improving performance in the trade sector.

“2021 is a year of recovery that must be based on enthusiasm and optimism. Therefore, I specifically urge all ranks of Ministry of Trade to not only work normatively, but also be creative to make breakthroughs. There must be innovative breakthroughs,” the President said.

For the record, the 2021 Trade Ministry’s National Working Meeting adopted a theme “Trade as the Main Driving Sector for the National Economic Recovery”. (FID/UN) (RIF/MMB)

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