President Jokowi Visits Selo Market of Boyolali, Central Java

By Office of Assistant to Deputy Cabinet Secretary for State Documents & Translation     Date 10 April 2023
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President Jokowi visited Selo Market, Boyolali Regency, Central Java, Monday (10/04/2023). (Photo: Bureau for Press and Media of Presidential Secretariat/AIT)

President Joko “Jokowi” Widodo began his working visit to Central Java Province by visiting Selo Market in Boyolali Regency, Monday (10/04). Arriving at 08:30 WIB (Western Indonesia Time), he was greeted by Boyolali Regent M. Said Hidayat and Head of Selo Market Mulyadi.

During his inspection at the market, the President provided social assistance to traders and people of Selo Market. He was also curious about the prices of some products from rice, cooking oil, eggs to meats by having dialogue with traders.

“The President asked how much the rice per kilogram was. I said it was Rp. 47 thousand per 5 kilograms. Cooking oil was Rp. 14 thousand per liter. Egg was Rp. 26 thousand [per kilogram],” Suharti, one of the traders at Selo Market, explained.

The President asked questions about the prices of basic needs not only to Suharti but also to Badriyah who said that the prices [of some commodities] had dropped. She also thanked the President for the social assistance she received. She assured that the assistance would be used for adding her business capital.

“The President asked the prices of chili, garlic, and shallot, which had dropped a lot. The price of chili was only Rp. 30 thousand [per kilogram]. Garlic was Rp. 30 thousand [per kilogram]. Shallot was Rp. 25 thousand [per kilogram]. I also have an opportunity to spend the money for business capital. Thank you for providing me social assistance,” Badriyah said. (Bureau for Press and Media of Presidential Secretariat/AIT) (GA/LW)

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