President Jokowi: We Should Stay Optimistic During Pandemic

By Office of Assistant to Deputy Cabinet Secretary for State Documents & Translation     Date 14 Mei 2020
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President and Vice President in an online event called “Praying for the Nation and Humanity” in Jakarta, Thursday (14/5). (Photo: Rahmat/PR)

President Joko “Jokowi” Widodo has called on Indonesians to remain optimistic and not to lose hope amid any life difficulties, including the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

Instead, the President called on the people continue to make endeavor to face the pandemic.

“We must try hard to protect ourselves, our families, our brothers and sisters, as well as our country from the transmission of the coronavirus so that everyone can stay healthy,” President Jokowi said in his speech during an online event called ‘Praying for the Nation and Humanity’ on Thursday (14/5).

At present, the President continued, Indonesia as well as countries in the world are facing the difficult times following the COVID-19 pandemic.

“The outbreak has spread rapidly to more than 213 countries and nearly 4.4 million people worldwide have been infected by the virus. Many are treated in hospitals, doing self-isolation at home, and many have passed away. However, many have also recovered thanks to God,” he explained.

In order to survive, the President reminded the people to maintain their health, to enhance immunity, to wash hands with soap, to keep a safe distance, to wear face masks, not to return to their hometown—known as mudik, as well as to stay at home.

“In the midst of these trying times, I am truly grateful that people from all elements of community are helping each other and joining hands to help those in need,” President Jokowi added.

According to the President, social solidarity has been growing significantly, showed by neighbors taking care of each other and people from various ethnic groups and religions moving together to volunteer and sharing happiness, kindness, and care.

“The rising sense of humanity, brotherhood, and unity from everywhere is a great force that can help us overcome this pandemic together,” President Jokowi said.

In addition, the President also reminded the people to continue praying to God to free the world from this pandemic.

“Let us pray and ask the Almighty God to grant us patience to face these difficult times gracefully and to give strength so that we can all survive,” he said.

The Head of State also appealed to the people to face the pandemic patiently, to avoid panic, to eliminate anxiety, while keeping optimism, empathy and solidarity among us.

“God willing, all of us will survive,” the President said. (TGH / EN)



Translated by: Estu Widyamurti
Reviewed by: M. Ersan Pamungkas

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