President Jokowi Wishes to Utilize the BPJS Fund to Build Labor Housing

By Humas     Date 5 Mei 2015
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President Jokowi gives a speech in the opening of the Congress VII KSBSI, in Hajj Dormitory, Pondok Gede, Jakarta, Monday (4/5) afternoon

President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) admitted that he wants to be able to use the funds owned by the Social Security Agency (BPJS) of Employment, which settles around Rp 180 trillion to support the construction of housing for laborers.

During this time, President added the Employment BPJS funds, only 5 percent could be used for investment in the housing sector because there is a regulation that restricts the use of this funds for 5 percent only. Therefore, President Jokowi expressed his readiness to revise the rule, so that investment funds the Employment BPJS not only 5 percent but could be up to 40-50 percent.

President Jokowi compared with the existing regulations in other countries, where such funds which in BPJS of Employment could used for more than 50 percent.

“It’s a change that soon we will do, so that the money amounting to Rp180 trillion, can be used. If possible, up to 40-50 percent to prepare housing for the workers. How many houses could be built? Try to count if possible,” President Jokowi said when opening the VII Congress of the Confederation of Indonesian Prosperous Labor Union (KSBSI) in Hajj Dormitory Pondok Gede, Jakarta, Monday (4/5) afternoon.

President Jokowi assess, the Employment BPJS fund, ideally as many allocated to productive sectors. However, he agreed that the use of the money is also complemented to a good management control.

“There must be no moral hazard as previously,” Jokowi said.

President convinced, if such a fund owned the Employment BPJS used for productive sectors, then the economy will be stretched, housing facilities for workers will also being met, both inside and outside the industrial area.

“The burden of labor related with the rental house and others will be immediately reduced or lost,” Jokowi said.

Attending the occasion were the Minister of Manpower Haniif Dakhiri and President of KSBSI Mudhofir.. (*/ES)

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