President Jokowi Would Announce His Candidate Ministers in A Special Place

By Humas     Date 24 Oktober 2014
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President Jokowi Would Announce His Candidate Ministers in A Special Place

President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) claimed to have called the ministerial candidates who would be included in his governmental cabinet. This call made on Monday (20/10) evening until Tuesday (21/10) dawn at 03.00 am (west part of Indonesia time).

About names of the ministerial candidates who are called, President Jokowi reluctant to open it. “I do not want to mention anyone who arrived up to 03.00 am in the morning. You were only here until 10 pm last night, anyway. If you were here up to 03.00 am, you should know,” said President Jokowi to reporters after his meeting with the Prime Minister of Papua New Guinea Peter O ‘Neill at Independence Palace, Jakarta on Tuesday (21/10) morning.

President Jokowi also ensured that his prospective ministers had been through the ‘clearance’ from the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) and the Center of Financial Transaction Reports and Analysis (PPATK). However, the President did not mention if there were ministers that have been recommended or rejected by both institutions.

When asked by reporters about prohibition for his prospective ministers to have concurrent positions as the leader of political parties, Jokowi refuted, “I have already said “no”. They should not have double position, because even in one place we cannot necessarily work well,” he said.

Jokowi also confirmed that though there were political party thrusted their chairperson name as a candidate for minister in his cabinet, he remained decisive. “That is my prerogative rights,” he said.
About when he will announce the names of his ministers, President Jokowi just said “In the near future”. As for where the announcement will be held, according to Jokowi “In somewhere special”.

“Yes, in a special place. Special place, anyway,” answered Jokowi for the reporters’ questions. (Polhukam/DP)

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