Presidential Special Staff Putri Tanjung Announces 2022 MSME Digital Heroes

By Office of Assistant to Deputy Cabinet Secretary for State Documents & Translation     Date 7 Desember 2022
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Awarding Day of 2022 UMKM Digital Heroes (Photo: PR Office of Cabinet Secretariat / Rahmat)

Presidential Special Staff Putri Tanjung Tuesday (12/06) at Poc Bloc Cultural Hall, Pasar Baru subdistrict, Sawah Besar district, Jakarta, along with with Ministry of Cooperatives and Medium and Small Enterprises, announced three winners of 2022 Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSME) Digital Heroes.

“The idea came up in the midst of uneasiness and optimism at the same time. So, this program was initiated to appreciate and enhance the capacity of digital innovators and to inspire more Indonesian young people in creating innovation and becoming our MSME Digital Heroes,” Putri said during a dialogue in Awarding Day of 2022 MSME Digital Heroes.

She added that the MSME digital heroes play a role in achieving the target of 30 million MSME actors joining digital ecosystem in 2024

“MSME is a very important factor for the Indonesian economy since we have 64 million MSME actors. It is a huge number,” she said,.

Putri also said that she was pleased to know that 269 innovators were registered as nominees to be 2022 MSME Digital Heroes.

“We have diverse participants at this year’s program, mostly not from Greater Jakarta. Almost 300 participants joined and 60 percent from outside Greater Jakarta.”

After the pitching and workshop, 10 finalists were selected, and the best three finalists were later named.

The committee of curators were Putri Tanjung herself, Deputy Minister of Cooperatives and Medium and Small Enterprises for Entrepreneurship Affairs Siti Azizah, Minister of Cooperatives and Medium and Small Enterprises’ Special Staff Fiki Satari, and President Director of Smesco Indonesia Leonard Theosabrata.

On that occasion,, the chosen 10 MSME Digital Heroes signed a Memorandum of Understanding with SMESCO as a real cooperation in digital transformation and in efforts to make impact to the society.

In addition, all finalists will collaborate with the Ministry in a program called #berubahdigital (turn into digital) in 2023, a digital transformation mentoring and developing program for MSME in several Indonesian regions.

The 2022 MSME Digital Heroes Competition was open to all startups and digital innovators who are actively participating in the sectors of food and beverages, fashion and crafts, as well as agritech.

For the record, the program aims to accelerate Digital Transformation of Cooperatives and MSME to support National Digital Economy with the aim of 30 millions joining digital MSME and 500 digital-based becoming modern cooperatives in 2024.

The best three finalist were the runner up 2 Djoin (winning a plaque, certificate, and money prize of Rp50 million); the runner up 1 Warjali (winning a plaque, certificate, and money prize of Rp70 million); and the winner Surplus (winning a plaque, certificate, and money prize of Rp100 million). (FID/AIT/ST)(AW/EP)

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