Press Statement of President of the Republic of Indonesia During Working Visit to Baleendah Traditional Market, Bandung Regency, West Java Province, March 5, 2023

By Office of Assistant to Deputy Cabinet Secretary for State Documents & Translation     Date 5 Maret 2023
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President of the Republic of Indonesia (Joko Widodo):

I have monitored prices of staple food at the market and I notice there is a price hike on red chili and green chili. As of today, the price is around Rp70,000-80,000 per kilogram. This is a normal phenomenon; yet, it’s a difficult problem since farmers have to make a profit as well but later this month the price will decrease again.

I also notice that the price of rice has not yet decreased at the market. I have called Bulog (State Logistics Agency) to conduct market operation at Baleendah market, Bandung regency, to reduce prices. Other than that, the price is quite stable.

How about stock ahead of Eid Al Fitr?

President of the Republic of Indonesia (Joko Widodo):
Since it is the time for big harvest throughout the country, we hope there is no problem with food supply. Big harvest will increase supply that will result in drop in food prices.







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