Receiving Student Representatives, Teten: Current Economic Condition Totally Different From That of in 1998

By Humas     Date 14 September 2015
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Receiving Student Representatives, Teten: Current Economic Condition Totally Different From That of in 1998

Presidential Chief of Staff Teten Masduki, on Thursday (10/9), at the Bina Graha, Jakarta, received 15 student representatives from various universities that are members of the Jabodetabek – Banten Regional Alliance of Student Executive Body (BEM) who were staging a rally in front the Merdeka Palace.

On the occasion, the student representatives expressed their concern over Indonesia’s economic condition. For this reason, they staged a rally to deliver three (3) demands to the Government.

They are, among other, controlling the price hike, eradicating the so-called food mafia, and providing protection to local workers from the threat of layoffs (PHK).

The student representatives also expressed their desire to meet directly with President Joko Widodo.

The University of Indonesia Student Executive Body (BEM UI) representative Andi Aulia wants the President to be willing to meet and discuss with students. “We are waiting for the President’s willingness to discuss with students,” Andi said.

Totally different

In response to the students’ demands, Teten asked the students to first review the economic indicators in Indonesia before concluding that the Indonesian economy is at a “worrying” level.

“The condition of Indonesia’s economy today is totally different from that of in 1998 when the financial crisis occurred,” Teten explained.

On the occasion, Teten also explained the Economic Policy Package of Phase 1 September 2015 which was announced by President Joko Widodo, on Wednesday (9/9) evening in order to stimulate the national economy.

The three economic policy packages of phase 1 are: 1) Encouraging national industrial competitiveness through deregulation, de-bureaucratisation, and law enforcement and business certainty; 2) Accelerating national strategic projects by eliminating various obstacles, bottleneckings in implementing and completing the national strategic projects; and 3) Increasing investment in property sector.

Regarding the students’ desire to meet the President, Teten told the students that the President never had a discussion and a dialogue with students directly.

“The President is very open to meet with anyone,” Teten said. However, Teten promised to reschedule the meeting between the President and the students.

The meeting between the student representatives and the Presidential Chief of Staff Teten Masduki started at 5 pm and ended at 5:46 pm Western Indonesian Time.

Accompanying the Presidential Chief of Staff when receiving the student representatives were Deputy IV of the Presidential Office of Staff Eko Sulistyo, and Acting Official (Plt). Deputy Assistant Public Relations Affairs Masrokhan Sulaiman.(Sy).

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