Regarding the Weakening of Rupiah, President Jokowi: People Should Understand, the External Condition is Different

By Humas     Date 26 Agustus 2015
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Dorstop Lapindo

President Jokowi explained about weakening of rupiah, while arriving at the Shelter Pool of Mud Sidoarjo, Tuesday (25/8) afternoon.

President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) asserts, the whole range of government has made efforts to overcome the weakening of the rupiah, which has already exceeded above Rp 14,000 per US dollar. Nevertheless, the President asked the public to understand that indeed the external condition is different at this time.

“I think Bank of Indonesia with the entire instrument has been moved as well, the Financial Services Authority (OJK), also the regulation, Coordinating Ministers, all Ministers, all of them have been issued the regulation,” said President Jokowi told reporters after meeting with the communities affected by mudflow, in Porong , Sidoarjo regency, East Java, on Tuesday (25/8) afternoon.

Presiden Jokowi juga meminta media massa agar menampilkan pemberitaan-pemberitaan yang memberikan optimisme, jangan memberitakan hal-hal yang negatif.

“Dalam negeri, yang paling penting terutama berita-berita ini memberikan optimisme, jangan memberitakan hal-hal yang negatif, yang justru akan membuat psikologi bergerak ke arah negatif,” tutur Presiden Jokowi.

President Jokowi also asked the mass media to convey the news-reports that provide optimism, do not preach the things that are negative.

“The most important thing, the main news can provide a sense of optimism, do not preach things that are negative, which is precisely in psychology will move toward the negative,” President Jokowi said.

Previously, through his twitter account @jokowi, President Jokowi said that the weakening of the rupiah has been out of the ordinary. For this reason, President Jokowi invites businessmen to the Presidential Palace in Bogor, West Java, on Monday (24/8), to make a breakthrough.

“The weakening of Rupiah has been out of the ordinary. Yesterday I invite entrepreneurs with the government to do a breakthrough,” President Jokowi said through his twitter account @Jokowi uploaded on Tuesday (25/8).

Related with the weakening of the rupiah, President Joko Widodo invite all levels of society to work together to overcome it.

“Let’s work together to overcome the weakening of rupiah by way of purchase of local products,” wrote Jokowi in his twitter account. (UN/SLN/ES)

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