Related Single Candidate Regional Head Election, Cabinet Secretary: President Jokowi Wait MK Decision

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Date 31 Agustus 2015
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Seorang pemilih  memasukan surat suara ke dalam kotak suara di TPS 01, Kampung Mekurima, Kwamki Narama, Timika, Papua, Selasa (29/1). Pilkada Papua kali ini mengusung 6 pasang calon yang akan mempersebutkan kur

Related Single Candidate Regional Head Election, Cabinet Secretary: President Jokowi Wait MK Decision

Cabinet Secretary, Pramono Agung said, because some political parties or candidates undertake a lawsuit to the Constitutional Court (MK), and some regions and even have entered the stage of trial, the government chose to wait for the Court’s decision in order to avoid overlapping decisions.

“Do not let the President decide something, and then the Court decided differently. Therefore, we will wait for the Court’s decision,” said Pramono told reporters after accompanying President Jokowi, received Rachmat Witoelar and Sarwono Kusumaatmadja, at the State Palace, Jakarta, Monday (31/8) afternoon.

Cabinet Secretary also said that in terms of time in some regions, the Regional General Election Commission (KPUD), has opened registration renewal and at this time more or less there will be nine regions that have a single candidate, including Surabaya, Tasikmalaya, Mataram, etc.

If the problems related to a single candidate were not completed, then the possibility of the election process in these areas will be delayed until 2017. Thus, during the two (2) years no definitive regional head, or appointed Acting (Plt) in the regions that the conduct of the elections should be postponed.

“The process for 2 (two) years as Acting Regional Head, would greatly disrupt the development process in the region,” Pramono said.

Cabinet Secretary reminded, in fact, that would be considered in the future, not just a single candidate in the regional elections, but there is also the possibility of a single candidate in the presidential election, because if there is a President who loved people, people will think than a waste of effort, energy, capital, it should be considered.

“So it will be a thought. Whatever the decision of the Constitutional Court, the Parliament and the government will follow up on it,” explains Mas Pram, the nickname of Pramono Anung.

 “Revision of the Law and the decision of the Court will be an option to make improvements,” Pramono said.


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