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Remarks of President Joko Widodo during the Honorary Visit of the Chairman of Palestine Olympic Committee at the Merdeka Palace, Jakarta, on 21 August 2018

Oleh: Office of Assistant Deputy to Cabinet Secretary for State Documents & Translation ; Diposkan pada: 21 Aug 2018 ; 1638 Views Kategori: Speech Transcript

Unofficial English Translation

Welcome Your Excellency Mr. Jibril Mahmoud Muhammad Rajoub.

Thank you for attending the opening of Asian Games representing Palestine.

The world acknowledge that Palestine has sent a large number of athletes, namely 88 athletes competing in 14 sports.

Indeed, on 15 August, Indonesia lost 2-1 during the football match against Palestine.

During the parade of athletes, the people of Indonesia also provided the Palestinian contingent with extraordinary support, especially those who were at the stadium.

I’m convinced that Asian Games would give a new energy for Palestine’s struggle for peace and our brotherhood. (PR, Cabinet Secretariat)(MS/AW/YM/Naster)

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