Remarks of President of the Republic of Indonesia at the Meeting with ASEAN Foreign Ministers at Shangri-la Hotel, Jakarta, July 14, 2023

By Office of Assistant to Deputy Cabinet Secretary for State Documents & Translation     Date 14 Juli 2023
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Ladies and Gentlemen,
Good morning and welcome to Jakarta, Indonesia, the Headquarter of ASEAN.

Last year in the midst of a severe crisis and rivalry, with the support of friendly countries, the G20 under the Indonesian Presidency were able to keep going and even produced things that were beneficial to the world. This year Indonesia holds the chairmanship of ASEAN. We will use this opportunity to increase ASEAN’s contribution for the glory of the Indo-Pacific and the world. Thank you for the support given to Indonesia.

Your Excellencies,
I believe your presence at the ASEAN Foreign Ministers’ Meeting and at the Post Ministerial Conference is to seek solutions to regional problems, to world problems, not the other way around, let alone to intensify problems.

We in ASEAN are committed to continuing to strengthen unity and solidity, as well as strengthening ASEAN’s centrality in maintaining peace and stability in the region. ASEAN must not become an arena for competition, must not be a proxy for any country, and international law must be consistently respected. For this reason, we look forward to real cooperation and support from ASEAN partners and guests

Your Excellencies,
ASEAN has great potential to become the epicentrum of growth, both in the form of an abundance of productive age, as well as abundant natural resources. We, ASEAN countries, developing countries, need understanding, wisdom and also need support, both from developed countries and friendly countries to leave the zero-sum approach and take a win-win approach.

There is a proverb in Indonesia: “menang tanpo ngasorake” which means we can win without defeating others. Therefore, I invite everyone to be an honorable winner, menang tanpo ngasorake.

I thank you.
Good morning.



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