Remarks of President of the Republic of Indonesia during the Inauguration of Sea Labs Indonesia, at Pacific Century Place, SCBD, Jakarta, March 1, 2022

By Office of Assistant to Deputy Cabinet Secretary for State Documents & Translation     Date 1 Maret 2022
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Assalamu’alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh,

Good morning,

May prosperity be upon us all.

Honorable Ministers of the Onward Indonesia Cabinet;

Honorable Chairperson and CEO of Sea Mr. Forrest Li;

Honorable CEO Sea Bapak Ye Gang;

Honorable Director and Head Country of Sea Indonesia Ibu Kiki Hapsari, all digital talents;

Ladies and gentlemen.

I have mentioned several times that we have a big potential in digital economy. Indonesia’s digital economy potential in 2025 is estimated to be USD146 billion, and the contribution of Indonesia’s digital economy is projected to rise up to 8 times in 2030 at Rp4,531 trillion. This is a huge number. Moreover, all digital sectors had two-digit growth in 2021.

However, what I do not want is that Indonesia only becomes the market. Indonesia should also become the player. Therefore, together we should create a conducive ecosystem, and invite our digital talents overseas to go back home, be it the digital talents in Artificial Intelligence, cloud computing, digital design, digital marketing, or blockchain. I think we need to invite our young talents overseas in order to  establish our digital system to be better and more conducive.

I really appreciate what has been done by Sea and Sea Labs Indonesia that have invited our digital talents to go back to the motherland. I was told by Bapak Ye Gang, Ibu Kiki, and Pak Forrest Li that in 2023, as many as 1,000 talents will be invited to go back to Indonesia to join Sea or Sea Labs Indonesia. I think I have to be honest that I really appreciate such efforts.

That concludes my remarks on this auspicious occasion. We hope that the development of the digital economy growth could boost the marketing of Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises’ products that I have just witnessed, and contribute to inclusive, even, and just economic growth. And, by saying bismillahirrahmanirrahim, today, I declare Sea Labs Indonesia open.


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