Remarks of President of the Republic of Indonesia During the Inauguration of Youth TNI, Police Officers on Prasetya Perwira Ceremony of 2021, July 13, 2021, the Merdeka Palace, Jakarta

By Office of Assistant to Deputy Cabinet Secretary for State Documents & Translation     Date 13 Juli 2021
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Assalamu’alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh,
Good Morning,
May Peace be Upon Us All,
Om Swastiastu,
Greetings of Virtue.

Distinguished Vice President of the Republic of Indonesia,

Distinguished Ministers of Indonesia Onward Cabinet,

Distinguished Commander and ranks of TNI and Chief and ranks of Police

Distinguished Parents of Youth TNI and Police Officers, especially Youth TNI and Police Officers,

Ladies and Gentlemen,

First and foremost, I would like to congratulate all Youth Officers graduating from TNI (the Indonesian National Defense Forces) academy and the police academy who are recently sworn in.

All of you have to bear in mind that the journey has only just begun – the journey of becoming a loyal officer to serve the nation, country, and the people of Indonesia.

I understand that to achieve this stage, all of you have gone through competitive, rigorous selection processes and tough challenges. All the steps you have passed do not only aim to build mental resilience and toughness, to improve physical strength, and to enforce high discipline, but also represent unity and integration between youths of TNI academy and the police academy.

I am aware that all of you have passed various exams based on disciplines according to your own service branches. Mastering techniques, mastering tactics, mastering the required skills, and having responsive, tough, smart leadership character make all of you the best sons and daughters of the Indonesian nation.

Once again, I am very proud to inaugurate all of you, Youth TNI officers and police officers, to be Indonesia’s future leaders.

Distinguished youth TNI officers and police officers,

In this increasingly competitive era, the nation’s most fundamental strength is unity. It is impossible to win a global competition if there were no solid synergy in our country. Social and cultural diversity must become a force and a source of inspiration. All the elements of the nation must stay united to make a strong Indonesia able to compete at global level.

Therefore, I hope that the Government and state organizations must synergize and support each other. The TNI, the police and other national components must synergize to build a strong nation and the nation’s progress. More specifically, I hope the TNI,  police members and institutions can synergize and stand together in facing these increasingly difficult duties.

Occasionally, we hear news about friction between TNI and police officers. In the future, it must not happen again. It must be end. TNI and the  police are the front state apparatus in safeguarding the defense and security of the Republic of Indonesia.

Therefore, TNI, Police must synergize, coordinate, and collaborate each other for the interest of the nation, country, and the people of Indonesia.

The current crisis caused by COVID-19 pandemic can strengthen our concern and cohesion, strengthen our unity and togetherness, boost our efforts to improve our way of working, and also boost the development of our technology and industries.

Therefore, I urge all of you to be engaged in tackling this crisis and to learn from this crisis in order to strengthen our bound based on the five principles of Pancasila.

Distinguished youth TNI and police officers,

All of you have to keep abreast with technology development. In the military world, there have been tremendous developments in strategies, tactics, doctrines, and weapons systems. In the police world, we also must be more highly sophisticated in eradicating cybercrimes, in enforcing the law, in maintaining security and discipline, as well as in protecting and serving the public.

All of challenges must be surmounted by quick, smart, professional responses, as well as through the mastery of science and technology.

Therefore, all of you must become an important part of Indonesia’s great quality of human resources in order to build Indonesia’s sovereignty and dignity.

Once again, let me repeat, the key is mastery of science and technology, tough, responsive, smart, mental and character, strong national character, the guardian of the Republic of Indonesia and the Pancasila.

All of you take on a big responsibility.

All of you must continue to protect the Pancasila, to maintain unity in diversity Bhinneka Tunggal Ika, to maintain tolerance among our nations, to maintain unity in Indonesia’s diversity.

All of you must continue to uphold officers’ code of conduct identity as TNI and Police officers, to uphold the honor and maintain your pleasure as TNI and Police officers, to maintain the togetherness and unity of TNI and Police officers, while respecting your own respective functions and duties.

All of you must also continue to step firmly into the devotion arena with full optimism and confidence.

Distinguished all parents of youth TNI and police officers,

Let me congratulate you on the inauguration of your sons and daughters. They are not only the pride of you as parents. They are also the pride of the Indonesian nation.

Let me also thank all leaders of TNI and Police, tutors, coaches, and ranks of TNI Academy and Police Academy for your hard work and dedication in educating these youth officers.

All of you are not only working for your own occupation, but also serving the nation for its glory.

Last but not least, for all Youth TNI and Police Officers, I wish your best of luck in your future endeavors. Make your parents proud. Bring glory for Indonesia.

I thank you.

Wassalamu’alaikum warahmatullahi  wabarakatuh,

Om Santi Santi Santi Om,

Namo Buddhaya. (AP/EP)

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