Remarks of President of the Republic of Indonesia During the Limited Meeting on Mudik (Annual Exodus) Preparation at Merak Port, Cilegon Regency, Banten Province, April 11, 2023

By Office of Assistant to Deputy Cabinet Secretary for State Documents & Translation     Date 11 April 2023
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Ladies and Gentlemen,

Considering last year’s mudik, several aspects need to be improved. The most notable issue is the management of passengers at the Merak Port and toll roads. Therefore, in detail, those who work on the ground must really understand, so that the management of the mudik flow can be improved from that of last year.

And, I truly appreciate the improvements that have been made at the Merak Port. Earlier, it was said that there are an addition of docks, two of them, and a significant addition of capacity. So, the capacity went from 34,000 to 49,000, which is a big jump in numbers. This is due to the estimated number of mudik travelers which will increase from 86 [million] last year to 123 million this year based on survey results, from 86 million to 123 million.

Therefore, the addition of capacity and the addition of the port’s docks are very important. And, I also observed that the management is very detailed, such as which dock is used for heavy vehicles, which dock is used for motor vehicles, and which dock is used for small vehicles and buses.

I believe that the management approach is very good. But again, we will see how the management works on the ground, because if we remember last year, the big problem was in upper Cikuasa and lower Cikuasa. Can the improvements we are making really eliminate the problems of the previous year?

And, secondly, in addition to Merak [Port], also related to toll roads, I see a very disheartening number of rest areas last year, the number has also increased. And, we mainly hope that in addition to Ministry of Transportation, the National Police, and the Indonesian National Defense Forces (TNI), I order the State-owned Enterprise (SOE) [officials], governors, regents, and mayors to really observe on the ground to see the problems in detail so that they can deal with them directly. I cannot imagine. The jump from 86 million to 123 million is not easy to manage. It needs preparation. It needs proper planning and design.

I really hope so, that is why I am here. I would like to make sure that everything will hopefully run smoothly and the people will receive good services. No one should be on the road for too long, be at the port for too long, deal with congestion. I think this is what we are hoping for.

This concludes my remarks. Thank you.


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