SBY Introduced the Presidential Palace to Jokowi

By Humas     Date 20 Oktober 2014
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SBY Introduced the Presidential Palace to Jokowi

President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono that was accompanied by the Elected President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) introduced the Presidential Palace on Sunday (19/10)

President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono accepted the Elected President Jokowi arrival at the Presidential Palace on Sunday (19/10) afternoon. President Yudhoyono invited Jokowi to surround the Presidential Palace Complex in order to introduce the ins and outs of the Palace building.

Jokowi arrival at 16:00 pm at the Merdeka Palace was welcomed by the President Yudhoyono and ministers of the United Indonesia Cabinet II. President Yudhoyono directing Jokowi to enter the Merdeka Palace through the door of Credential Room.  Usually, in this room the President receives guests from other friendly countries. Then President Yudhoyono headed to Jepara Room, the venue for tete-a-tete activities and special meetings of the President with Presidents or Head of States/Governments from other countries.

Furthermore, the President invited Jokowi toward the east terrace of the Palace and the Presidential Office. On the first floor, there is the Presidential Office. Meanwhile, on the second floor, President Yudhoyono showed Jokowi the plenary cabinet meeting room and the limited meeting room, the venues for the hearings and meetings of the President with members of his cabinet.

Back to the first floor, President Yudhoyono showed the media room, where the President and Ministers gave press conferences for journalists. “Next week, he (Jokowi) is the one who will be here,” said Yudhoyono while holding the podium in the media room.

Out of the Presidential Office, the President directed Jokowi to the State Palace and the west terrace of the palace. The State Palace is the inauguration place for ministers and other state activities.

After the observation, the President Yudhoyono and Elected President Jokowi with their entourages returned to the Merdeka Palace to attend rehearsals for the Welcoming Ceremony of the New President, which held in October 20, 2014.

Shortly before the arrival of Jokowi, President Yudhoyono spoke to the journalists , “Thank you for perpetuating that we have a good political culture.”

Accompanied the President Yudhoyono in the observation, among others Coordinating Minister for Politics, Law, and Security Djoko Suyanto, Coordinating Minister for Economic Affairs Chairul, Minister of State Secretary Sudi Silalahi, Cabinet Secretary Dipo Alam, Minister of Tourism and Creative Economics Mari E. Pangestu, Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs Dino Patti Djalal, Vice Minister of Defense Syafri Syamsudin, National Police Chief General Sutarman, and Military Commander General Moeldoko. (Polhukam/DP)

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