Second Changing of Palace Guards’ Ceremony Welcomed by Public Enthusiasm

By Office of Assistant to Deputy Cabinet Secretary for State Documents & Translation     Date 28 Agustus 2016
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Photo Caption: People takes a selfie with Presidential Security Details on Sunday (28/8), at the front yard of the Merdeka Palace, Jakarta (9/8)

Photo Caption: People takes a selfie with Presidential Security Details on Sunday (28/8), at the front yard of the Merdeka Palace, Jakarta (9/8)

Sunday (28/8) was the second time of  Presidential Security Details’ (Paspampres) changing of the guards’ ceremony opens to public. The ceremony, which was held at the front yard of the Merdeka Palace, Jakarta, has attracted public attention, not only those who exercised at the National Monument (Monas), but also the motorists passing by the road near the Merdeka Palace.

The ceremony was a little bit different than the first one because it is started earlier with the performance from Paspamres’ corps music.

One of the audiences, Sigit, who came with his family from Pancoran expressed his joy for being able to watch the ceremony. “This is a great event. People will know the process in changing of the guards. I hope the ceremony can be opened to public regularly if possible,” Sigit said.

Moreover, Sigit also appreciated the Palace and Paspamres for making the ceremony open to public. Sigit added that people now can feel closer to the Palace.

“If the Paspampres used to order people to stay away from the Palace, now we can be closer to the Palace and take a picture with Paspampres. It is really great,” Sigit stated.

Not only Indonesian people who enjoyed the ceremony. Victor, a Russian who happened to watch the ceremony along with the crowd when he exercised near the location said that he trully enjoyed the show and this is the first time for him to witness the ceremony during his stay in Indonesia.

On the same occasion, Head of Presidential Secretariat Darmansjah Djumala who joined the people when watching the ceremony told the reporters that he is always trying to bring people closer to the Palace. One of the efforts is by arranging new attractions so it will attract public interest to witness the changing of the guards’ ceremony.

“Considering the ceremony involves the public, we thought that several attractions are necessary to attract public interest. For example, today’s ceremony is attended by more people than the previous ceremony. That formulated the idea to add more attractions and the number of personnels,” Darmansjah said.

Moreover, Darmansjah explained that in the future he will continue to arrange new attractions, including the changing of the marching band personnels’ ceremony that will enliven the event.

The changing of the marching band personnels will be held once a month and involved marching band from other institutions, Darmansjah added.

Responding to reporters’ questions on the schedule of ceremony which is supposed to be held on every second week of the month, Darmansjah said that the date was postponed due to the preparation on 71st Anniversary of the Proclamation of Independence of the Republic of Indonesia.

“If it is possible, we will hold the ceremony on every second Sunday of the month. Because the second week of the August coincided with the celebration of Indonesia’s Independence Day, the event was postponed for one week. However, the next event will be held on the second week of the month,” Darmansjah concluded. (BPMI/UN) (RAS/MMB/YM/Naster)

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