State Apparatus Banned from Traveling during Isra Miraj, Nyepi Holidays

By Office of Assistant to Deputy Cabinet Secretary for State Documents & Translation     Date 8 Maret 2021
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Source: Public Relations of Ministry of PANRB

Minister of State Apparatus Empowerment and Bureaucratic Reforms (PANRB) has issued Circular Number 6 of 2021 on Intercity Travel Activity Restrictions for State Civil Apparatus (ASN) during Isra Miraj Nabi Muhammad SAW (Ascension of the Prophet Muhammad) and Nyepi Tahun Baru Saka 1943 (Balinese Day of Silence and New Year​ 1943) amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

This mobility restriction also applies to families of state apparatus. “All state civil apparatus and their families are prohibited from traveling to other regions and/or mudik (returning to their hometown) from 10 to 14 March 2021,” the Circular reads, signed by Minister of PANRB Tjahjo Kumolo on Monday (8/3).

The Circular aims to anticipate a potential spike in COVID-19 positive cases on national holidays. However, there are exceptions included in the Circular, for example, state civil apparatus allowed to travel as long as it is an official trip proven by a Letter of Assignment that is signed by, at least, the Echelon II Official or Head of Working Unit.

In case of urgency, state civil apparatus allowed to travel to other regions after obtaining a written permit from the Personnel Supervisor Officer (PPK) in their respective institutions.

Upon receiving the permit to travel, the state civil apparatus must take into account the following points:

  1. Zoning map of COVID-19 transmission risk stipulated by the COVID-19 Handling Task Force.
  2. Regulations and/or policies of regional governments on people’s mobility applied in regions of origin and destination.
  3. Travel criteria and protocols for traveling set by Minister of Transportation and the COVID-19 Handling Task Force.
  4. Health protocols imposed by Ministry of Health.

Under the Circular, state civil apparatus are obliged to maintain a healthy lifestyle to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and to maintain discipline in following the health protocols such as wearing face mask, frequently washing hands, maintaining safe distance, avoiding crowds, as well as limiting mobility and interaction.

“State Civil Apparatus should be an example and role model in the family and community in the neighborhood they live in implementing a clean and healthy lifestyle as well as health protocols,” the Circular reads.

In addition, Personnel Supervisor Officers in ministries/institutions and regional governments will impose disciplinary sanctions to state civil apparatus violating the protocols in accordance with the provisions of Government Regulation Number 53 of 2010 on State Civil Apparatus’ Discipline and Government Regulation Number 49 of 2018 on Management of Contract-based Government Employees.

In order to ensure that the provisions in the Circular are well-implemented by all state civil apparatus, the Personnel Supervisor Officers are ordered to send an implementation report to Minister of PANRB.

“The report should be sent through no later than 17 March 2021″, explained the Circular.

For the record, the Circular was issued in response to Letter Number B-22/KA SATGAS/PD.01.02/03/2021 on Intercity Travel Activity Restrictions for State Civil Apparatus/the National Defense Forces (TNI)/ the National Police/State-Owned Enterprises Employees During Isra Miraj and Nyepi Holidays, which stipulated on 5 March 2021, as well as extension of travel provisions for domestic travelers during the COVID-19 pandemic that issued by the COVID-19 Handling Task Force. (PR of PANRB Ministry/UN) (RIF/MMB)

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