State Assets at Cabinet Secretariat Reaches Rp30 Billions

By Office of Assistant to Deputy Cabinet Secretary for State Documents & Translation     Date 28 Januari 2020
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Minister of State Secretary Pratikno and Cabinet Secretary Pramono Anung attend Working Meeting with the House of Representatives Commission III, at the Nusantara Building, Senayan, Jakarta, Tuesday (28/1). (Photo by: Ibrahim/PR Division)

Cabinet Secretariat this year has Rp30 billions of state assets after asset depreciation, according to Vice Cabinet Secretary Ratih Nurdiati.

“The small amount is because the State Budget allocated to Cabinet Secretariat is relatively small,” she said, adding that the figure in 2020 is Rp296 billions, lower than that of last year at Rp381 billions.

However, Ratih added, there may be a request for additional budget in this year. As the user of state goods and assets, Cabinet Secretariat holds Rp86,652,540,589 of state assets before depreciation, or Rp30,838,699,139 after depreciation which are divided into six categories.

“The first category is land and buildings which are not used by Cabinet Secretariat because the institution uses buildings of Ministry of State Secretariat based on the latest agreement in 2019,” Ratih said during a Working Meeting with the House of Representatives Commission III at the Nusantara Building, Senayan, Jakarta, Tuesday (28/1).

The second category is equipment and machinery including vehicles, computers, and other electronics. The acquisition value for this category is Rp64 billions in general or Rp18 billions after asset depreciation.

“The third category is fixed assets related with the first category. In this case, Cabinet Secretariat that does not have its own land and building still conducts renovation and recondition to Ministry of State Secretariat’s building to adjust to the needs,” she stated.

According to Ratih, Cabinet Secretariat has other assets namely books in the library including e-book in which the value amount to Rp11 billions. Since the assets are procured in 2019, there is no depreciation, she said.

“The fourth category is intangible assets including software, application programs, and licenses bought or rented from the third party worth Rp4 billions or Rp717 billions after asset depreciation,” she said.

The fifth category, she added, is fixed assets including equipment and machinery that are damaged and currently not in use.

“The acquisition value for this category is Rp1 billion but after depreciation the value is zero. We will cut it in this budget year,” Ratih said, adding that the sixth category is intangible assets which are currently not in use namely outdated software and applications.

“The acquisition value is Rp5 billion but after asset depreciation, the value is zero. We will also cut it in this budget year along with the fifth category,” the Vice Cabinet Secretary concluded. (MAY/FID)



Translated by : Rany Anjany
Reviewed by : Muhammad Ersan Pamungkas

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