Steal Fish in Indonesian Territory, TNI AL Sink Again Two Foreign Flagged Ships

By Humas     Date 22 Desember 2014
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2 PNG flagged ships, KIA Century 4 and 7 were drowned in the Strait of Ambon, Maluku, Sunday (21/12)

After drown three (3) foreign ships with Vietnamese flag in Anambas Island, Riau Islands some time ago, the government again showed the seriousness in securing Indonesian waters from the fish thieves.

Sunday (21/12) morning at 10:27 local time, two foreign flagged ships, ie KIA Century 4 and KIA Century 7, both from Papua New Guinea (PNG), which proved to have stolen the fish in the waters of the Arafura were sunk by Indonesian Navy (TNI AL) Lantamal IX Ambon , in the waters of the Bay of Ambon, Maluku.

“Sinking of ships is done by blown up, just the same as before,” said Kadispen Lantamal IX Ambon Eko Budimansyah, in Ambon, Sunday (21/12) afternoon.

The Sinking of the two ships that have been stealing the fish were witnessed by Chief High Prosecutor of Maluku Agus Sutoto, Pangarmatim РRear Admiral TNI Arie H. Sembiring,  Wakapuspen TNI Vice Admiral FX Agus Susilo, Kadispenal Admiral Mahanan Simorangkir, and also Danlantamal IX Admiral TNI Aru Sukmono.

The Crew are Thailand Citizen

Although those both ships are the PNG flagged, but the ships, which each stole 200 tons and 43 tons of fish, have crew of Thailand and Cambodia citizenship.

Century KIA 4 with skipper Thanapom Pamnisti carrying 55-crew (ABK), respectively 28 Thai nationalities and 17 Cambodian nationalities.

As for the KIA Century 7 that skippered by Thong Ma Lapho, carrying 17-crew of Thai nationalities. (*/ES)

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