Stepped Down, SBY to Hand Over 2000 Books of Presidential Activities to the National Archive

By Humas     Date 14 Oktober 2014
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Stepped Down, SBY to Hand Over 2000 Books of Presidential Activities to the National Archive

In order to avoid the case such as Supersemar (an acronym of Surat Perintah Sebelas Maret – Letter of March 11) will not happen anymore, President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono (SBY) is going to give more than 26 data compiled in more or less 2000 books to the RI’s National Archive.

The Presidential Staff for Information and Public Relations Field, Heru Lelono, through his private twitter account @her_alone uploaded on Saturday night, revealed that the archive files that will be handed over by President SBY are the archive files issued during the ten year presidential period of SBY which is 2004-2014.

“The data is not only as national archive but also the duty responsibility records arranged by all ranks of Presidential Staff,” Heru explained.

He mentioned that the data was recorded by staffs for 10 years and the archiving finalization undertaken in one last month. “Hopefully it will be the culture forever, as the responsible government to its nation,” Heru expected.

Following is the archive list that will be handed over to the RI’s National Archive:

  1. Law, Presidential Mandate, Government Regulation in Lieu of Law, Presidential Decree of Clemency, Extradition, Naturalization. Total: 230 books + CD.
  2. All the Government Regulations. Total: 220 books + soft copies.
  3. Presidential Regulations, Presidential Decree of Ratification, Presidential decree of Team/Committee Formation, Foreign Travel. Total: 140 books + soft copies.
  4. Presidential Decree of State Officials, Structural/Functional Officials, Presidential Letter of Degree, Award, and Indonesian Military/Police. Total: 306 books + soft copies.
  5. All of Presidential Instructions. Total: 55 books + soft copies.
  6. Ratification of Legal Instruments and International Agreements. Total (+point7): 605 books + soft copies.
  7. Memorandum of Understanding with other countries. Total (+point 6): 605 books + soft copies.
  8. Agreement in the ASEAN and outside the ASEAN. Total (+point6,7): 605 books + soft copies.
  9. President Official Letter for foreign ranks, credential, and Tauliyah Letter. Total: 80 books.
  10. Unofficial Presidential Letter for domestic/international ranks.
  11. Presidential Speech in domestic/abroad, verbatim and also the policies in the Presidential speech. Total: 231 books + soft copies.
  12. Official Scripts of RPJM, RKP, APBN and APBNP, and also the realization of National State Budget. Total: 205 books.
  13. Special Documents (Helsinki Agreement, Geneva, CTF, MP3EI, etc). Total: 10 books + soft copies (Helsinki) + the rest are in printing process.
  14. Compilation of President SBY’s Speech. Total: 245 books.
  15. Thematic Books of President SBY. Total: 28 themes,140 books + soft copies +1 theme:
  16. Domestic and International Award Certificates for President SBY. Total: 5 books + soft copies + physics.
  17. Translation of the Speech of State Guests.
  18. Speech from the Host Countries of the Destination State of President.
  19. President’s writing in Mass Media. Total: 5 books + soft copies.
  20. President SBY’s interviews. Total: 9 books + soft copies + all audio records of President SBY’s press conference
  21. Compilation of Photograph Documentation of President SBY’s Activities. Total: 212 books.
  22. Video records of President’s activities. Total: in the process of copying from Video Master.
  23. Panel Photographs in all Presidential Palaces.
  24. Treatise of Cabinet Meeting. Total: 41 books.
  25. State Schedule of President SBY during 10 years. Total: 20 books.

In addition, The Presidential Staff for Information and Public Relations Field, Heru Lelono, President SBY may also hand over the Private Agenda Book that consists of his concepts of policy ideas.

Heru expected, all of these things that have been prepared by the staffs by order of the President will be useful for the nation, particularly for the next government. (ES)

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