Support MEA 2015, Jokowi: Indonesia Would Not Stand As Customer Only

By Humas     Date 14 November 2014
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Pres Jokowi di ASEAN oleh AW

Support MEA 2015, Jokowi: Indonesia Would Not Stand As Customer Only

President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) reaffirms Indonesia’s commitment to promote ASEAN cooperation, including in realizing ASEAN community of 2015. Speaks in 25th ASEAN summit in Nar Pyi Taw, Myanmar, on Wednesday (12/11), President Jokowi says that for Indonesia, ASEAN is a well connectivity to encourage development in our country, also for peace and stability in the ASEAN region.

According to President Jokowi, Indonesia commits to realize ASEAN community of 2015. However, in order to realize it, President reminds that economic development in ASEAN countries is needed. “Indonesia wants to achieve target in economic development about 7 percent in years to come”, says President Jokowi.

President affirms that Indonesia would not let it self serve only as market. But, Indonesia has to be one of important part of production chains, whether regional or global. Therefore, ASEAN has to cooperate in carrying these three issues. First, accelerates infrastructure development and connectivity between ASEAN countries, ASEAN countries to its partnerships through the implementation of Master plan on ASEAN Connectivity.

Second, enhances investment, industrial and manufacture cooperation rapidly between ASEAN countries. “Indonesia, under my leadership is wide open for business. But, Indonesia is like any other sovereign countries, has to ensure its national interest are not harmed”, says President Jokowi. In addition, he reminds that countries need to uphold the principle of reciprocal, honor, mutual cooperation and fair competition, in building cooperation.

Third, increase the level on intra-ASEAN trade, which currently is still quite low below 24.2 percent. President hopes the value could still be increased at least by 35-40 percent, in five years.

President also expresses the importance of increasing ASEAN GDP by twice, from 2.2 trillion US dollar to 4.4 trillion US dollar in 2030. Also, lessen poverty a half in the same year, from 18.6 percent to 9.3 percent.

Respects Sovereignty of a Nation

In the session led by President of Myanmar as ASEAN leader, U Thein Sein, President Jokowi says that the Politics and Secure Community of ASEAN would only be realized by honoring the sovereignty of each nations, solving problems in peace, and being solid in guarding the autonomy of strategic regions.

“Indonesia believes that prosperity and peace in the region would be determined by how well we administer our cooperation on the ocean”, says President Jokowi. Indonesia hopes issues regarding seas such as, stealing in fishery, border violation, trafficking and territorial dispute, would be completely solved.

“We have to ensure that the ocean could unite, not parted us. The cooperation in building maritime connectivity and infrastructure shall be our main focus”, says the President.

President Jokowi also reminds as international figure, ASEAN has global responsibility. Therefore, ASEAN should ensure its strategic place in East ASIA, which become the centre of global interest, is peaceful and stable, so then conducive environment emerges in facilitating goals for mutual prosperity.

In dealing with numbers of issues mention above, ASEAN needs to advance its capabilities, credibility and unity. “Without capability, credibility and unity, it is impossible for ASEAN could uphold its position at the centre”, says President Jokowi then continues to add the three elements are supposed to be foundation of our efforts in bringing ASEAN to post 2015 era. (*/ANT/ES)(Ifp)

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