Support the Government, ADB Committed to Continue Providing Loan Assistance to SOEs

By Humas     Date 14 Januari 2015
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President Jokowi receives the President Director of ADB Takehiko Nakao, at the State Palace, Jakarta, Tuesday (13/1)

Asian Development Bank (ADB) stated commitment to continue to provide loans to SOEs (BUMN) in support of the priority development projects. The President of ADB Takehiko Nakao when meeting with President Joko Widodo (Jokowi), at the State Palace, Jakarta, Tuesday (13/1), delivers this commitment.

“ADB full supports the various infrastructure programs of President Joko Widodo through providing loans to SOEs,” Minister of PPN/Head of Bappenas, Andrinof Chaniago said to reporters after meeting with President Jokowi.

Meeting event with President Jokowi is a series of agenda visit of ADB President Director Takehiko Nakao to Indonesia on 12-15 January 2015. In addition to meet President Jokowi, Nakao also meet the Minister of Finance Bambang Brodjonegoro, and Minister of PPN/Head of Bappenas Andrinof Chaniago.

IDR 18 Trillion

President Director of ADB Takehiko Nakao explained, for the year of 2015, the ADB provides loans amounting to 1.5 billion US dollars, or IDR 18 trillion. The loan amount that will be distributed, according to Nakao, higher than the previous year. In 2014, the loan has been disbursed by ADB of 550 million US dollars (USD 6.6 trillion).

“Loan fluctuates, depending on the ratio of the programs and projects; the programs that based on reform measures that support the programs of reform agenda. We support many projects that cannot be realized last year because of general election, and hopes to be realized this year,” Nakao said.

According to the Ministry of PPN/Head of Bappenas Andrinof Chaniago, the loan provided to companies of State-Owned Company (SOEs) has a low interest.

Andrinov said, the ADB was committed to assist the Indonesian government in achieving increased investment in several areas, including food safety and security. In addition, the transport and logistics sector was targeted ADB. “It is also can open up many job opportunities for the people of Indonesia in the future,” he explained. (WID/Humas/ES)


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