Task Force Spokesperson: COVID-19 Recovery Rate Increases

By Office of Assistant to Deputy Cabinet Secretary for State Documents & Translation     Date 22 September 2020
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The national recovery rate of COVID-19 cases has increased by 35.8% compared to the previous week, Spokesperson for the COVID-19 Task Force Wiku Adisasmito has said.

Wiku said that, as of 22 September, the cumulative number of patients recovered had reached 184,298 or 72.9% of the total cases.

Based on the weekly data, as of 20 September, the top 5 provinces with the highest weekly recovery cases are Jakarta Province with 1,540 new recovery cases (from 5,995 recovery cases to 7,495 recovery cases), West Java Province with 1,093 new recovery cases (from 1,130 recovery cases to 2,223 recovery cases), Central Java Province with 845 new recovery cases (from 1,060 recovery cases to 1,905 recovery cases), Aceh Province with 730 new recovery cases (from 70 recovery cases to 800 recovery cases) and Riau Islands Province with 247 new recovery cases (from 166 recovery cases to 413 recovery cases).

The highest percentage of recovery rate occurred in North Maluku Province (89.71%), Gorontalo Province (87.19%), North Kalimantan Province (86.09%), Bangka Belitung Islands Province (84.89%) and South Kalimantan Province (83.51%).

“We appreciate regional heads who have succeeded in reducing positive cases, but do not be complacent. Continuous monitoring on public health protocols must be maintained to lower the positive cases of COVID-19,” Wiku said during a press conference at the Presidential Palace, Jakarta, Tuesday (22/9).

In the meantime, the national mortality cases have reached 9,837 (3.9% mortality rate), while the global mortality rate is 3.07%. There was an 18.9% increase in the national mortality rate last week. The highest increase was in East Java Province with 46 cases, Jakarta Province with 32 cases, Aceh Province with 26 cases, North Sumatra Province with 24 cases and West Sumatra Province with 13 cases.

The highest rate of mortality per 100,000 population was reported in Surabaya (38), Semarang (34), Central Jakarta (32), Mataram (24) and Palangkaraya (24), while the highest mortality rate was reported in East Java Province (7.29%), Central Java Province (6.47%), South Sumatra Province (6.04%), West Nusa Tenggara Province (5.91%) and Bengkulu Province (5.85%).

The addition of positive cases, as of 22 September, was still quite high with 4,071 cases. The active cases have reached 58,788 (23.2%) while the global average is 23.5%.

The Provinces with the highest increase were West Java Province (594 cases) Banten Province (492 cases), South Sulawesi Province (459 cases), Riau Province (311 cases) and Papua Province (271 cases).

The Provinces with the highest increase per 100,000 population were Jakarta Province (554 cases), South Kalimantan Province (242 cases), Gorontalo Province (206 cases), East Kalimantan (191 cases) and Bali Province (184 cases).

Regarding the distribution of risk zoning, the number of regencies/cities listed in the red zone (high risk) increased from 41 to 58, the number of regencies/cities in the orange zone increased from 293 to 304, the number of regencies/cities in the green zone decreased from 29 to 21, the numbers of non-affected regencies/cities decreased from 22 to 20, and the number of regencies/cities in the yellow zone decreased from 129 to 111.

In addition, there are 47 regencies/cities that have shifted from the yellow zone to the orange zone, namely in Aceh Province (1), North Sumatra Province (1), West Sumatra Province (1), Riau Province (1), Jambi Province (2), South Sumatra Province (3), Lampung Province (5), West Java Province (4), Central Java Province (3) ), West Nusa Tenggara Province (2), East Nusa Tenggara Province (2), West Kalimantan Province (3), North Sulawesi Province (1), Central Sulawesi Province (2), South Sulawesi Province (3), Bengkulu Province (1), Southeast Sulawesi Province (6), West Sulawesi Province (1), North Maluku Province (2) and Papua Province (3).

There are also 38 regencies/cities that have shifted from the orange zone to the red zone, namely in Aceh Province (3), North Sumatra Province (3), West Sumatra Province (4), Riau Province (2), South Sumatra Province (1), Jakarta Province (1), West Java Province (3), East Java Province (4), Banten Province (4), Bali Province (1), Central Kalimantan Province (2), South Kalimantan Province (1), East Kalimantan Province (1), South Sulawesi Province (1), Gorontalo Province (1), Papua Province (2) and West Papua Province (3). (Communication Team of the Committee for COVID-19 Handling and National Economic Recovery/EN)



Translated by: Ridwan Ibadurrohman
Reviewed by: Mia Medyana

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