Tenth Batch of COVID-19 Vaccine Arrives in Indonesia

By Office of Assistant to Deputy Cabinet Secretary for State Documents & Translation     Date 30 April 2021
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Minister of Communications and Informatics Johnny G. Plate delivers a press statement at Soekarno-Hatta International Airport, Tangerang, Banten, Friday (30/4). (Photo by: Bureau of Press, Media, and Information of Presidential Secretariat/Kris)

Indonesia on Friday (30/4) received the tenth batch of six million doses of COVID-19 bulk vaccine produced by Sinovac Biotech Ltd and 482,400 vials of vaccine from Sinopharm China National Pharmaceutical Group Corporation.

“Today, six million doses of Sinovac bulk vaccine and a total of 482,400 vials of Sinopharm vaccine have arrived,” Minister of Communications and Informatics Johnny G. Plate said at Soekarno-Hatta International Airport, Tangerang, Banten Province.

The Minister revealed that with the arrival of the tenth batch of the vaccine, Indonesia has received 65.5 million doses of Sinovac bulk vaccine and 8,448 million vials of vaccine in total from Chinese vaccine producers, including Sinovac and Sinopharm, as well as AstraZeneca vaccines under the Gavi/WHO-backed global COVAX vaccine-sharing facility.

Johnny went on to say that the national vaccine drive is an effort to achieving herd immunity. At the same time, he added, the Government will continue to implement 3T measures of testing, tracing, and treatment.

On that occasion, the Minister also expressed hope that the public continues to remain disciplined in carrying out the 3M health protocol, namely wearing masks, maintaining a safe distance, and washing hands with soap or using hand sanitizers.

To date, he said, several countries are confronting a second wave or even a third wave of COVID-19 transmission, which leads to a spike in COVID-19 positive cases.

“Therefore, we must strive together to prevent that from happening in Indonesia. We must not be careless despite the vaccinations. We must remain disciplined in adhering to health protocols for the safety of all Indonesians,” Johnny said.

In regards to preventive measures in curbing COVID-19 transmission, the COVID-19 Handling Task Force has issued Circular Number 13 of 2021 on the Ban of the Eid Day Tradition of Mudik (exodus) in 1442 Hijri from 6-17 May 2021.

In accordance with the provisions of the addendum to the same Circular, strict requirements for Domestic Travel Actors (PPDN) have also been implemented two weeks before and a week after the mudik ban on 22 April-5 May 2021 and 18-24 May 2021.

“These measures are expected to not only break the chain of the COVID-19 transmission but also to anticipate the potential spike in transmission cases among regions. Once again, we must not be careless in order to protect ourselves, our families, and the communities,” Johnny said.

The Minister further said that the world is currently working hard to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic and also an infodemic (false information spread in a way that is harmful).

“Infodemics are increasingly flaring in public information space and spread very easily and quickly on social media, on digital media,” he added.

According to him, Ministry of Communications and Informatics has recorded and labeled as many as 1,556 COVID-19-related hoaxes and 177 COVID-19 vaccine hoaxes.

The Government continues to urge the public to always access accurate and reliable information, be it from the World Health Organization (WHO), the KPC-PEN (COVID-19 Handling and National Economic Recovery Committee), Ministry of Health, relevant ministries/institutions or from experts in their fields.

“Once again, I’d like to invite the public to remain disciplined in implementing the 3M’s health protocol; wearing a mask, keeping a safe distance, washing hands with soap, or using hand sanitizers to protect yourself, your family, our country and end the COVID-19 pandemic,” he concluded. (FID/AIT/TAR) (RIF/MUR)

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