The Government Bans the Import of Fabrics with Batik Motif

By Humas     Date 13 Januari 2015
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The Government Bans the Import of Fabrics with Batik Motif

In the effort to maintain national batik products, the government decided to ban the import of fabrics that have motifs such as batik into Indonesia. This policy is intended to protect the batik in the country which has become an icon and produced by the public characteristically up in the villages.

“Batik products are an icon of the country, and government policy banned the textile that ┬áhave designs such as batik, do not enter Indonesia to keep batik products,” Minister of Trade, Gobel said on the sidelines of the National Conference of Economics Discussion XV / 2015 Indonesian Young Entrepreneurs Association (HIPMI), in Bandung, West Java, on Monday (12/1).

According to the Ministry of Trade, the import ban on the batik fabric to secure the market of Indonesian batik products in the country. He said that the potential of the domestic market must be saved and secured together, because the output is for welfare.

“We will resolute in securing the domestic market,” Minister of Trade said. For example, it has frozen or cancels approximately 3,000 import licenses, because it does not fulfill the obligation and the right procedure.

“The policy is made to keep the domestic market, and a commitment to encourage potential sectors such as agriculture as well as utilize our own products,” Minister of Trade said.

In addition, Minister of Trade continued, the government also brings equity products to meet the Indonesian National Standard (SNI). It was a form of quality control of products including the design. “But many ‘products, which do not enter the market, many Indonesian consumers harmed by the product itself, as a result did not have SNI and labeling by the industry, it must be addressed,” said the minister. (Humas Setkab/ES)

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