The Government Recruits 10 Thousand Agricultural Extension

By Humas     Date 19 Oktober 2015
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The Government Recruits 10 Thousand Agricultural Extension

The Government recruited 10 thousand non-gov. agricultural extension officers, to escort the productivity of seven main agricultural commodities in 2016. The non-gov. agricultural Extension Worker, will complete the task of 27 thousand of agricultural extension that civil servant status and 20,300 casual laborers of agricultural extension workers.

“The non-gov. agricultural extension officers, we recruit from the agriculture semi subsistence such as from the KTNA (the Contact of Farmers and Fishermen Mainstay),” said Head of the Agency for the Extention and Human Resource Development of Agriculture, Ministry of Agriculture, Pending Dadih Permana in Palembang, South Sumatra, on Saturday (17 / 10).

Pending assess the perpetrators have been very understanding about agriculture, even, exceeding than the agricultural extension officers itself.

“However, they do not yet have the ability on counseling. That’s what we will facilitate, without having to get honor because for them the increase in capacity as this is necessary,” Pending said on the sidelines Commemoration of the World Food Day at Jaka Baring’s Sport City.

They will escorting and increase the productivity of seven main commodities, namely rice, maize, soybeans, meat, onion, garlic, and sugar cane.

Related to the involvement of military (TNI) personnel as agricultural extension workers, Pending insists that the military’s role just limited as a supporter and make dynamic to the farmers.

“So they do not take over the task of agricultural extension. The supportinf of  military really either be felt by farmers, for irrigation or eradicate the pest,” Pending said.

Commemoration of the World Food Day, nationally centered in Palembang and was opened by the Secretary General of the Ministry of Agriculture Hari Priyono. (Humas Kementan/ES)/Sy.

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