The Ministry of Defense Now Has National Strategic Installation Agency

By Humas     Date 21 September 2014
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foto_hankamIn consideration for the optimization of execution task management in an integrated national strategic installations area, the government deems it necessary to enhance the organizational structure of the Ministry of Defense.

The new organizational structure of the Ministry of Defense set in the Presidential Regulation Number 80 of 2014 on the Sixth Amendment of the Presidential Regulation Number 24 of 2010 on Position, Duties, and Functions of the State Ministries and Organization, Duties and Functions of the Echelon I of the State Ministries that was signed by President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono on August 12, 2014.

With this new regulation, the organizational structure of Echelon I of the Ministry of Defense are: a. General Secretariat; b. Director General on Strategy of Defense; c. Director General on Defence Planning; d. Director General on Defense Potential; e. Director General on Defense Forces; f. General Inspectorate; g. Research and Development Agency; h. Education and Training Agency; i. Defense Facilities Agency; j. National Strategic Installation Agency; plus five Expert Staff.

“The National Strategic Installation Agency has task to implement the National Strategic Installations area management,” said Article 140A of the Presidential Regulation.

Article 140B of the Presidential Regulation mentioned that the functions of National Strategic Installations Agency are:

a.  Preparation of technical policies, plans and programs of national strategic installation area management;

b.  Implementation of the national strategy installation area management;

c.  Monitoring, evaluation and reporting of the national strategic installation area management implementation; and

d.  Implementation of the National Strategic Installation Agency administration.

“This Presidential Regulation comes into force on the date of enactment,” said Article II of the Presidential Regulation No. 80 of 2014 which was promulgated by the Minister of Law and Human Rights Amir Syamsudin on August 13, 2014. (Polhukam/DP)

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