The Opening of 2021 National Development Planning Conference, 4 May 2021, at the State Palace, Jakarta

By Office of Assistant to Deputy Cabinet Secretary for State Documents & Translation     Date 4 Mei 2021
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Assalamu’alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh,

Good morning,

May prosperity be upon us all,


Om Swastiastu,
Namo Buddhaya,

Greetings of virtue.

Distinguished Vice President of the Republic of Indonesia,

Distinguished Leaders of State Institutions,

Distinguished Ministers of Indonesia Onward Cabinet,

Distinguished Governors, Regents, Mayors,

Distinguished Heads of Provincial Development Agencies,

Participants of the Conference.

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought extraordinary lessons in our development planning. First, no matter how good the planning we have made, we must also be prepared to make changes quickly to adapt to challenges and opportunities. However, the main objective remains the same, namely to improve the welfare of the people, to advance the nation. The implementation, nevertheless, often has to change following the new challenges and opportunities.

Second, we need a synergy of national strength to solve the current problems: health problems, economic problems. The discipline in implementing health protocols, testing, tracing, treatment, and vaccination need support from all components of the nation. It needs contribution from all levels of government, from the center to the regions. Likewise, the productivity of both small and large companies to produce medical devices and medicines. Support from other countries is also very much needed.

Third, the use of the latest science and technology is envitable. While government services, education services, and retail businesses cannot go offline, we must change rapidly to use online instruments. When we need fast, accurate data, and integrated data, digital technology is the answer. When we need medicine, vaccines, medical equipment, technology is also the answer.

Ladies and gentlemen,

In facing the increasingly fierce world competition, speed, accuracy and efficiency are important in order to compete. Planners must really consider the development of science and technology, it must be. And, we also have to be part of the technology producers. We must get the maximum benefit from technological developments.

And, in the very fast development of technology, including the initiation of 5G digital connectivity, we should not only be users, but we must be able to produce smart digital specialists, who are competitive, and produce smart digitalpreneurs who will develop entrepreneurship and create jobs in the country.

Almost all companies today are technology companies, because that’s where value added is created. It really depends on the innovation and technology. In the financial sector, for example, fintechs have emerged and they are able to operate their businesses very efficiently. And, the financial industry has begun to shift to a company that relies on technology and innovation.

We also have to anticipate technology in the health sector. Healthtech will be growing rapidly. More than just remote medical examinations or consultations, but also the use of artificial intelligence (AI) for diagnosis, for the treatment, for the prescription, even to perform remote surgery. Soon it can be done anywhere.

In the education sector, this pandemic has also accelerated edutech. Distance learning has become a necessity. Online-based education services appear everywhere, access to learning can be obtained from various sources. Teachers and schools are now serve as educational facilitators to facilitate independent learning from their students.

These are the developments that the planning sector must anticipate. It must be responsive to disruptions that make the world change very rapidly, it must be responsive to unexpected challenges and opportunities that arise quickly, must be responsive to developments in science and technology. Technology spending should be treated as investment spending. The benefits must be clear, especially for the public, for the community and for the state. But the efficiency must be calculated, the contribution must be calculated for domestic technology development, and the return on investment must also be calculated so that it can be sustainable.

Ladies and gentlemen,

The Government’s Work Plan for 2022 will still focus on economic recovery and structural reforms. We must remember that the basic foundation of economic recovery is controlling COVID-19.

We must accelerate government spending, especially in various forms of social assistance, labor intensive, and encourage public spending. The demand side must be enlarged. I have reminded that at the end of March 2021 there is still Rp182 trillion of Regional Budget remain in the provincial, district and city, which should be spent immediately to enlarge the demand side and the consumption side.

We must also encourage industry to start over and the workers to start working. Domestic supply should be improved by following strict health protocols.

We have started on large scale structural reforms with the enactment of a Job Creation Law. All ministries/agencies and local governments must synergize in implementing and taking advantage of these structural reforms. We have to start planning on the added value in the industrial sector, increase food security, and recover the tourism sector.

We must also benefit from world developments that lead to a green economy. We have to realize that we are one of the biggest lungs of the world and we can get the most from the tropical forests and mangrove forests that we have. Therefore, the energy transformation towards new and renewable energy must be started. Green economy, green technology, and green products must be strengthened so that we can compete in the global market.

And we have planned this to create a green industrial park/green industrial area in North Kalimantan province, we want to take advantage of the hydropower in the Kayan River, and this will produce green energy, renewable energy, which will be distributed to the green industrial area. Our green products emerge from there. This is our strength to go forward.

We also have power in the blue economy. Indonesia is the richest country in terms of biodiversity in the sea. We must make the most of it to improve the welfare of the people while conserving nature and maintaining sustainable production. The sustainable blue economy is an agenda that must be prioritized in all our coastal areas.

Finally, I want to emphasize that our economic growth must be inclusive, economic growth must be an important part of solving the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) problems. Economic growth must be an engine for equitable development and economic justice, both between regions and between villages and cities. Economic growth must increase our MSME class and be more able to compete with products from other countries.

I think those are important issues that I want to address. And, by saying bismillahirrahmanirrahim, I open the 2021 Musrenbangnas this morning.

I thank you.

Wassalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh.

Om Santi Santi Om.

Namo Buddhaya. (EW/MMB)

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