This Afternoon, the Selection Results of the Constitutional Court Judge Reported to the President

By Humas     Date 5 Januari 2015
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This Afternoon, the Selection Results of the Constitutional Court Judge Reported to the President

The Selection Committee (Pansel) of Constitutional Court from the government elements led by Saldi Isra, will report on the work of Pansel to President Joko Widodo (Jokowi), in the office of President, Jakarta, on Monday (5/1) at 13:00 p.m.

Pansel will report the names of the Constitutional Court candidates that recommended to replace  the Constitutional Court (MK) Judge from government, Hamdan Zoelva, who will end his term on Tuesday (6/1).

In the first stage of selection has been chosen 15 candidates of Constitutional Court, including the Chief of MK, Hamdan Zoelva, who a number of non-governmental organizations (NGOs) supported his candidacy. However, Hamdan chose not to follow selection conducted by Pansel for the reason that he had followed in 2010, and currently he is still serving as Chief of MK.

However, according to the Chairman of Pansel Constitutional Judge from government, Saldi Isra, with his refusal to follow the selection process, meaning that Hamdan Zoelva will not be able to follow the next selection process for proposed as a Judge of the Constitutional Court (MK) from the government.

“The steps of selection are a series, ranging from the administrative selection, the first round of interviews, and a second round of interviews. Those who qualify for the next steps are that follows those stages, “said Saldi Isra told reporters on the sidelines of the selection of Constitutional Judge at the Ministry of State Secretariat, Jakarta, Tuesday (23/12).

 5 Candidates

At the final stage of selection, Pansel chose five (5) names that have passed the first stage of selection, namely: 1. I Dewa Gede Palguna (Lecturer in the Faculty of Law, University of Udayana); 2. Imam Anshori Saleh (Commissioner of the Judicial Commission); 3. Yuliandri (Professor of the Faculty of Law, University of Andalas); 4. Aidul Fitriaciada Azhari (Lecturer at the University of Muhammadiyah Surakarta); and 5. Indra Perwira (Lecturer in the Faculty of Law, University of Padjadjaran).

Pansel has implemented the second stage of selection to the five candidates who passed the first stage on Tuesday (30/12) ago in Building III, Ministry of State Secretariat, Jakarta.

In the final selection, the Constitutional Court candidates were tested by seven members of the Pansel, namely: 1. Prof. Saldi Isra, as Chairman and Member; 2. Prof. Maruarar Siahaan (former judge of the Constitutional Court) Member; 3. Prof. Refli Aaron, Secretary and  Member; 4. Prof. Harjono (former judge of the Constitutional Court) Member; 5. Prof. Todung Mulya Lubis – Member; 6. Prof. Widodo Ekatjahjana (Faculty of Law, University of Jember) Member; and 7. Prof. Satya Arinanto (Law and Political Expert UI) Member. In addition, there are two testers’ invitations, namely: Prof. Nazaruddin Umar and Franz Magnis Susesno. (ES)

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