Workers With Productive Businesses And Laid-off Labors May Take KUR, Gov’t Says

By Humas
Date 19 Oktober 2015
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In the 4th Phase Policy Package announced by the Government, on Thursday (15/10), the Government also extends the scope of the recipients of KUR.

Coordinating Minister for the Economy Darmin Nasution explained that previously, the Smallholder Business Credit (KUR) has determined its sector. Therefore, the bank does not dare to provide the fund because there are so many questions that they must answer.

Thus, Darmin added, at the Fourth Policy Package, the Government makes a change that is the SmallholderBusiness Credit is a credit given to an individual or employees who carry out productive business activities.

“On the attachment, there will be the details of the activities so there would not be any problem if there is an audit process,” Darmin said to the journalists at the Presidential Office, Jakarta, on Thursday (15/10) afternoon.

Moreover, Minister Darmin added, KUR can also be given to the prospective Indonesian Migrant Workers (TKI) who will work abroad. “However, he/she needs some money for their families, at least at the first year, and for starting their life abroad. With condition, these workers can pay back the KUR’s fund,” Darmin explained.

The Minister also said that KUR can be given to employees who have fixed income but they want to do productive activities; for example, a husband of a worker wants to do simple work funded by KUR; he can do that as long as the activity is productive and is still related with economic activity.

In addition, KUR can also be given to the TKI who has returned and then opens a business in Indonesia. Likewise, a labor who is affected by termination of employment and has an intention to open a business can also be given the fund from KUR.

Previously, the Government has lowered the interest rate of KUR from 22 percent per year to 12 percent per year, which has been applied since last July.  (MMB/YM)/Sy.

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