Trade Ministry Holds Enterpreneurship Training for Papuan MSME Actors

By Office of Assistant to Deputy Cabinet Secretary for State Documents & Translation     Date 19 Maret 2022
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Presidential Staffer Billy Mambrasar on the event called ‘Improving Entrepreneurship and Dissemination of Love for Domestic Products’, Tuesday (03/15). (Photo: Billy Mambrasar’s Instagram account)

The Government through Ministry of Trade organized an entrepreneurship training called ‘Improving Entrepreneurship and Dissemination of Love for Domestic Products’, Tuesday (03/15).

The event, carried out in collaboration with Inspirational Young Papuans (PMI), along with regional trade offices from Papua and West Papua provinces in Sorong, Manokwari, Jayapura, and Merauke, is a manifestation of the Ministry of Trade’s commitment to provide assistance, empowerment, and development of the MSMEs in Papua.

“This training activity for Entrepreneurship Improvement and Dissemination of Love for Domestic Products is expected to add insight and increase motivation and enthusiasm of MSME actors in Papua so they can continue to be creative in producing quality, independent domestic products, and take part in the fast-growing digital transformation,” said Inspector I of Ministry of Trade Ojak Simon Manurung at the opening of the event.

Ojak said that by increasing the quality standards of MSME products, the capacity of business actors, and by opening a wider marketing access, it is hoped that the products of young Papuan entrepreneurs can meet consumer demands and preferences.

“I hope that it will also increase people’s love for domestic products,” he added.

In the meantime, Presidential Staffer Billy Mambrasar expressed appreciation for the implementation of activities that he considered could boost exports of Papuan MSME products.

“I appreciate Ministry of Trade together with the PMI, who conduct the training today. The President has urged MSME actors to create products that are globally competitive and ready for export in a bid to increase exports of MSME products and increase state income. Therefore, today’s training indirectly shows the real actions to support the big vision of our President,” said Billy.

On the same occasion, PMI’s Head of MSME Development and Creative Economy Elia Musa Rawar said that this activity will bring enthusiasm for business actors in Papua to be creative in creating high quality and competitive products, as well as fostering a sense of love and pride in domestic products.

“It is time for young Papuans to also become exporters for international level goods and I hope we can support this strategy. Through the hashtag #BanggaProdukIndonesia (love Indonesian products), we will increase awareness of Indonesian products even more,” said Elia.

This activity was held in parallel in four cities in Papua and West Papua where each city accommodates one theme of activity. The participants of the activity are students and community organizations.

In Jayapura city, the name of the event was Product Development Technical Guidance. The event aimed at increasing the competitiveness of regional products through increasing knowledge on how to improve product quality in meeting product standards and improving packaging designs from the experts in their fields.

Meanwhile, in Manokwari city, the event called Technical Guidance on Human Resource Capacity Building. The aim is to increase the insight of MSME actors on HR management of business actors and financial management, so that MSME actors can manage and develop their business independently in a better direction.

Furthermore, the MSME Marketing Partnership with the Marketplace was carried out in Sorong city. The aim is to increase market access for business actors. This is important because of the rapid growth in the digital economy sector. In 2021, Indonesia’s digital economy reached Rp638 trillion or contribute 42 percent of the total value of the ASEAN digital economy. This makes Indonesia the country with the highest digital economy value in the Southeast Asian region.

In Merauke city, the event called Love Dissemination for Domestic Products. Dissemination to the public is needed to foster a sense of love for domestic products. Thus, there will be more people who are willing to buy domestic products through online marketplace platform. It is hoped that the economic value of Indonesia’s leading MSME products will increase.

Meanwhile, the Inspiring Young Papua is a social enterprise group initiated by 21 inspiring and creative indigenous Papuan youths who focus on economic and entrepreneurial issues. The PMI management is spread over 7 customary areas of Papua. This organization operates in six fields, namely the Papua Youth Creative Hub, creative industries, agriculture and fisheries, health education, socio-culture, and MSMEs that produce food, craft, fashion, and health and beauty products. The PMI has attracted many other institutions to cooperate in mentoring and empowering MSMEs. (Office of Presidential Staffer Billy Mambrasar/PR of Ministry of Trade/UN) (EST/HD/MMB)

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