Transportation Minister: Mudik Satisfaction Rate Reaches 89 Percent

By Office of Assistant to Deputy Cabinet Secretary for State Documents & Translation     Date 7 Mei 2024
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Minister of Transportation Budi Karya Sumadi delivers press statement after attending a limited meeting at the Presidential Palace, Jakarta, Monday (05/06). (Photo by: Deva/PR)

Minister of Transportation Budi Karya Sumadi said that based on a survey, the level of public satisfaction in the implementation of the 2024 Eid homecoming (mudik) is quite high.

“The level of satisfaction of the Eid homecoming is good. The overall satisfaction level is 89 percent and the satisfaction level for free homecoming program is 91 percent,” said Budi after attending the Limited Meeting on Evaluation of Eid Homecoming of 2024, at the Presidential Palace, Jakarta, Monday (05/06).

The Minister explained that the survey was conducted by Ministry of Transportation in collaboration with the Statistics Indonesia (BPS), Ministry of Communications and Informatics, one of print media agencies, and one of telecommunication companies in the country.

He also said that during the homecoming and return flow, the safety elements achieved good results. One of them is due to the free homecoming program that managed to reduce the number of travelers using two-wheeled vehicles.

“There has been a decrease in accident cases by 8 percent, deaths by 12 percent, and minor injuries by minus 10 percent. Indeed, serious injuries increased by 33 percent. Our Ministry along with the Coordinating Minister and the National Police Chief urged people not to use motorbikes and the solution was free homecoming program,” he said.

From the evaluation results, the Ministry of Transportation will add rest areas, both in Cipali toll road and towards Merak port. Budi further explained that the function of a rest area is as a place to rest and another function is as a place to delay the volume of vehicles heading to a certain place. He had been ordered to collaborate with the Minister of Public Works to acquire some parcels of land so more rest areas can be built.

Budi said that the Government is trying to acquire 10 or 15 parcels of land with an area of 5 hectares each.

Related to toll gate management to reduce congestion that occurs at toll gates, a different system will be applied to Kilometer 70 and Kilometer 414.

“We can no longer use tapping. Kilometer 70, Kilometer 414 are very long. With an OBU (On Board Unit) system, vehicles can pass directly and immediately record how much they have to pay. This makes things run smoother at Kilometer 70 and Kilometer 414,” he added.

Apart from that, based on the survey results, it is known that travelers prefer to take the train. Therefore, the Ministry of Transportation proposes PT KAI to increase the number of trains so that the number of train trips can increase.

“Our discussion with the Coordinating Minister and the National Police Chief was about time management. If possible, the time will be longer so that they can go home earlier, not focus on H-3 and H-4. If possible H-5 and H-6, that’s it. This was very successful, during the homecoming it was successful,” said Budi.

The Government will also strive for more government agencies to organize free homecoming program and add destination routes.

“Free homecoming participants were 133 thousand, compared to 193 million [mudik travelers], that’s still small. This should allow all government agencies to carry out free homecoming program and not only within Java, but also Sumatra. The President reminded us that soon it will include South Sumatra to Bengkulu, from Riau to West Sumatra. This will increase people’s desire to return home.”

Apart from that, the Government will also increase the number of ports in Indonesia. Based on the evaluation results, ferry ports must be added in several places, such as in Ketapang and Merak ports. According to Budi, the density that occurs at several ports, apart from increasing the number of ports, must also be balanced with the ships being operated being larger and faster, so that the carrying capacity and speed provide good results.

Budi also appreciated the collaboration that existed during the homecoming and return flow.

“So the role of communication is very important and this must be improved so that we have a better homecoming. At that time we had a tagline that was also a prayer, Cheerful Homecoming Full of Meaning. “Hopefully with the survey result of 89 percent, those prayers were answered,” he concluded. (FID/ABD) (EST/MMB)

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